Ghost of Tsushima is not an easy game


Ghost of Tsushima it wasn’t meant to be an easy game, contrary to what might have transpired from the last gameplay we saw.

This was specified by Nate Fox, game director of Sucker Punch’s action adventure out on PS4, in a long Q&A published on PlayStation Blog.

In the same Q&A, very interesting details were discussed for players chasing realism, such as the day / night cycle and dynamic weather.

First of all, as you know, the game will present difficulty levels that will allow you to customize your experience as much as possible, so as to have a challenge rate that satisfies the different palates of the different users who will face it.

The “difficult” difficulty requires the title to be «Fair, but very demanding. Mongols are more aggressive and players must be very precise to make extraordinary moves. ”

To avoid having to weaken Jin Sakai’s katana and therefore alter one of the fundamental aspects of the gameplay, which not surprisingly will not be based on the loot obtainable upon the death of the enemies, “Regardless of the difficulty chosen, the health of the enemies does not change».

ghost of tsushima

With this mechanic you want to reward yourself the skill of the player»therefore, you will still need to be good to master the attack phase, whether you choose a high or low level of difficulty.

Fox is aware of the fact that, after watching State of Play gameplay, some are “Come to the conclusion that Ghost of Tsushima is an easy game.”

This “it’s not true. Combat is designed to be lethal for everyone, not just for the player’s enemies. Even Jin’s opponents can quickly kill him. “

ghost of tsushima

The impression of a certain ease could have been leaked due to the fact that that gameplay was registered by one of the testers of the Specter, very good at using the katana ».

In addition, “Jin had some skills that aren’t available at the start of the game. We wanted to show how combat works when the player masters the commands and skills, that is when Jin gives his best ».

Sucker Punch is therefore convinced that the fighting system devised for the title is “Rewarding and demanding for most players.”

Ghost of Tsushima is not an easy game

Ghost of Tsushima is out on July 17th.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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