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Georgetown – Party from Germany Ulrich Gero Mott (Christoph Waltz) manages to make his way in the United States of America starting from a doctorate in old age until he gets to marry the rich ninety-one year old journalist Elsa Brecht (Vanessa Redgrave), of forty years older. Subsequently, he affirmed himself in the field of Washington’s diplomacy, yet he does not like Genanda (Annette Bening), daughter of Elsa. After one of the many parties given by the spouses in their Georgetown home Ulrich goes out for a walk and his wife is found dead. The police arrest the man who must defend himself against the murder charge.

Georgetown, review

Impossible not to remember the superb performance of Christoph Waltz in the role of Colonel Hans Landa in “Inglourious Basterds” by Quentin Tarantino. In this film the Austrian actor places himself in front of and behind the camera (first time ever if you exclude the 2000 film “Wenn man sich traut”), directing a dramatic dramatic refined as the chosen locations and music by Loren Balfe. Based on the article “The worst marriage in Georgetown”, which appeared in The New York Times Magazine by Franklin Foer, the feature has its foundation in the murder of Viola Herms Drath.

Waltz begins to play with the truth since the prologue, in “a story not necessarily real but based on real echoes”. His direction reserves very few narrow plans and structures the film in a linear way, with a pleasant and slightly retro aesthetic; the theater system betrays its origins and its love for the stage. Mott is an astute social climber capable of elaborate scams, magnetic and pimp. Take advantage of the influential wife and a sort of Ponzi scheme to approach illustrious names. It would probably have been very complicated for him to make his way differently on American soil. The name Ulrich Gero Mott alters that of Albrect Gero Muth, the real murderer of his wife sentenced to fifty years in prison. Elsa, although very old, has a strong personality brilliantly pulled from the Redgrave. We witness some well-made duets but often and willingly Waltz completely catalyzes the work.

The film is divided into six chapters that leap back and forth in time and tells us more than anything about the appearance and functioning of the stars and stripes society. After a verbose and uncertain central phase like the psychology of the protagonist, in some way it is possible to accompany the spectator to the end, eager to know how the murder really happened.

“Georgetown” is available on streaming from 19 May 2020 thanks to Vision Distribution on Sky Primafila, Apple TV, Chili, Infinity and TIMVision.

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