George Floyd, Trump turns murder into political case: “Ferocious dogs against protesters in the White House”. And Congress is mobilizing to conquer the black electorate


He watched the protests from the windows of the White House, besieged by demonstrators, defended by agents of the Secret Service and ended immediately in lockdown. Donald Trump, on the third night of clashes in dozens of cities in the country after the death of George Floyd to Minneapolis, up Twitter congratulated the men who defended the presidential residence – calling them “totally professional” but also “very cool“- and wrote:” If they could get through the railing, i demonstrators they would be greeted by the fiercest dogs and the most threatening weapons I have ever seen. And this would have been the time when people would get really hurt, at least. ” And while the president attacks the mayors dem – especially those of Washington is Minneapolis – transforming the death of Floyd in a political case, the parties to the Congress they are mobilizing to conquer the black electorate ahead of the upcoming elections.

The next moves of Republicans and Democrats – Jerrold Nadler, dem president of the justice commission of the Room, announced that in June will convene a hearing to consider new actions Federal that could help stop the violence racial, in particular the acts of brutality by law enforcement agencies against the African American minority. Nadler he also anticipated that his commission aims to ban the ‘neck grab’ and create a commission that studies the social status of African Americans. In the Senate Lindsey Graham, republican president of the justice commission, reported that he will acquire witnesses is proposals to combat racial discrimination in relation to the use of power and to improve relations between the police and the community where they operate.

Trump attacks demonstrators and democratic mayors – “I was inside, I saw every move and I couldn’t have felt safer, “he wrote again Trump. “They let the ‘protesters’ shout and rant as much as they wanted,” he added, before indicating what the response would have been in the event of an attack on the White House. “Many agents of the Secret service they are just waiting to act. ‘Let’s put the Young people in the front line, sir, they love this and it’s good training, ” he goes on to cite what he would have been told.

Trump instead attacks the democratic mayor of Washington DC Muriel Bowser because it “always asks for money and help” but has not allowed it police of the capital intervened because ‘it is not their job’. The protection of the highest authorities is in fact up to Secret service. He added that those who demonstrate are “organized groups” that “have nothing to do with the memory of FloydAnd in other tweets he lashed out against the mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey. Also a Democrat, a few hours after the murder he took a stand and declared that “if Floyd had been white he would not have been killed”. “How come all these places that defend themselves so badly are governed by liberal democrats? Be tough and fight (and arrest the bad ones). Come on! ”, He tweeted Trump, attacking democratic mayors in general.

“Attack on civil society” – For the governor of Minnesota Tim Waltz – also democratic – the situation in the city governed by Frey is “in total chaos” and agrees with Trump, is no longer in any way “related to the murder of George Floyd. “It’s about attacking civil society, instilling fear and destroying our big cities,” he said Waltz at the press conference. – “It’s a mockery pretend it’s about George Floyd’s death or the inequalities or the historical traumas of the colored communities, because ours community of color and our indigenous communities were in the front row fighting hand in hand to save the businesses that took decades to build. Infrastructure and nonprofit organizations that have served a community in difficulty have been demolished and burned with no regard for what has happened, “he continued Waltz. And while the policy getting ready to ride i unrest ahead of the presidential elections, the US Bishops’ Conference also raises racism and calls for “justice” after the death of George Floyd. In particular, in a declaration signed by the presidents of seven commissions of the American Bishops’ Conference, the prelates declared their solidarity with the black communities of the country and asked “truth is justice“, Warning against racism:” It is not a thing of the past, but a danger real and timely that needs to be addressed with decision“.

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