George Floyd, the black man who still scares America


in the picture: George Floyd

Gentlemen, we also have a Riccardo Magherini in America.
They came later, we first. We claim the primacy, we are Italian and not corporal. First the Italians suffocated then all the others if they advance. But the place was done with my knees and batons and so we really ran out of another, but the first ones were us. Now get that “about forty-year-old” George Floyd in line, as the titles dominate.

“About forty years” forever, now. It makes an impression to think about it.

Of course, comparison with Italy is not possible – fortunately, and here I am serious – both by history and by numbers. In the United States of America there are over 200 victims a year, victims of abuse and racism.
They are black, this is the story: black are those who in America are crushed every year by the weight of their knees and racism.
Great American democracy crushes blacks even if for eight years he has elected a black President; despite this it is also clear to the pebbles in the river that if Floyd had been white, his lips smaller, his hair blond or at least brown, he would be alive today.
I don’t remember images of such obvious, explicit abuse perpetrated under the eyes of mobile phones and witnesses by the American police against a white person.
The black policeman who crushes the neck of a white American citizen, with all the patrol there to support, to say, is not even conceivable by setting the most extreme fantasy in motion.

From the color of the skin we are forced to start, in the reflection of what happened, because in the American affair it was decisive. Then there are other characteristics which, due to the similarity with what happened in Italy to Riccardo Magherini, are disturbing. George Floyd “appeared under the influence of drugs,” said the agents. Like Riccardo Magherini, and Floyd too “opposed the arrest”.
In truth, under that knee he whispered “I’m suffocating”, but who knows, maybe that in America is considered opposition. Floyd should have said “Thank you, Mr. Agent, because it is freeing my throat from those ugly catarrhs ​​that I had for a week” and everyone would understand.
He had to think about it first, Floyd.

Riccardo Magherini, in Florence, also shouted “help, save me, call an ambulance, save me, I have a son”. Even that opposition, it seems obvious to some: Riccardo Magherini with those sentences tried to soften the carabinieri who at that moment caressed him with a knee similar to the American one.
The fact that he really died, and that he really had a son, is still a “medical accident”. They were also acquitted.

In Minneapolis, a witness tells the policeman “do you want to sit there with your knee on your neck?” and the cop doesn’t answer. A carabiniere, in Florence, instead said to a witness “don’t break my balls”, he told him twice. There are videos, I also did a reportage with Riccardo Magherini’s brother.

They start to be so many, these guys who fidget under the weight of their knees to suffocate themselves, that in Paradise they will have to make a sector especially for them, close to the dead from epilepsy, next to the fallen from the stairs and opposite those killed by the “stone of a protester”.
Most of these souls will have black skin and will speak American, remember. Or maybe in Heaven we will communicate with Esperanto and we will be color blind in the soul, that is, finally unable to judge and repress depending on the color of the skin.

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