George Floyd, protests overwhelm the United States: in Florida agent stabbed in the neck, man killed in Indianapolis. 1400 arrests and curfews in 25 cities, from Los Angeles to Atlanta


Days go by but in the United States rather than softening, the protest expands. It is rampant, overwhelms small and large communities that pour the streets anger for – yet another – murder of another African American. The killing of George Floyd to Minneapolis has triggered chain reactions in dozens of States and has already been turned into weapon policy by the US president Donald Trump. At least 25 cities have imposed a curfew, from Los Angeles to Atlanta, while the National Guard it was sent to about twelve states and to District of Columbia, as well as along the perimeter of the armored White House, where hundreds of protesters met again after threats by the president, who promised “fierce dogs against protesters” if they violated the security perimeter. TO Indianapolis one man died and the victims since the beginning of the riots rise to three while a Jacksonville, in Florida, a policeman he was “stabbed or injured in the neck and is currently in the hospital”. Other agents were attacked during the stone and brick protests and nearly 1400 people were arrested.

Trump: “I will not allow angry hordes to dominate” – “Floyd’s death was a great tragedy. It didn’t have to happen. It has thrown the whole nation into horror, anger and pain. I expressed to the family of George Floyd the pain of the whole nation, “said the president of the United States Donald Trump in Cape Canaveral, which while defending “the right to demonstrate peacefully, nevertheless warned that” my administration will stop mass violence. Those who camp for excuses or justifications for violence do not help the oppressed. ” The White House tenant promised that “will not allow angry hordes to dominate“. And also the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned the violence protests erupted, stressing however that Americans have the right to demonstrate. “To protest against such brutality it is right and necessary. It’s an answer absolutely American – he declared – but set fire to the community and unnecessarily destroying is not. Life-threatening violence is not. The violence that destroys and closes the activities that serve the community is not “.

TO Minneapolis, the city from which it all started, riot police officers faced the curfew protesters for the first time by throwing tear gas and stun grenades to keep them away from the police station number 5, after it had been set on fire in recent days barracks number 3, the one in which the now former police officer worked Derek Chauvin, now in prison on charges of murder of Floyd. TO Ferguson, in Missouri, – city where he was killed in 2014 Michael Brown18-year-old African American shot dead by a white police officer – the department building in police, was damaged and evacuated after that fireworks, bricks, stones and bottles were thrown at the officers. TO Jacksonville, in Floridainstead, a policeman he was “stabbed or injured in the neck and is currently in the hospital”, while other agents were attacked during the protests with stones and bricks and several people were arrested.

Attacks on journalists – Dozens of journalists accuse the police of being shot while doing their job on the street. Among them there is also a troupe of Fox News, which was targeted by a group of demonstrators who have surrounded reporter Leland Vittert while he was live and they chased him as he walked away with his collaborators, punching them and throwing objects. Tensions and clashes with the police also a New York, where many took to the streets taking part in organized marches in Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens and near the Trump Tower. Demonstrators occupied streets, blocked traffic and targeted police cars with graffiti. A journalist from theHuffington Post, Chris Mathiaswas also taken into police custody a Brooklyn and then released at one in the morning while following protests in New York.

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