George Floyd, Minneapolis on fire for the man suffocated by the police: one dead and many injured


From our correspondent
– Night of violence and looting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With one dead and several injured. For many hours, protests over the killing of George Floyd by the police turned into an assault on shops and malls. The mayor of the city, Democrat Jacob Frey, requested and obtained from the governor the deployment of the National Guard.

At the same time, Frey is trying to appease the anger of George’s family, of the African American community, equal to about 20% of the population, and of the many white citizens. who surrounded the Third Police District in the past 48 hours, which included the four officers held responsible for George’s death. They were immediately fired, pending the development of investigations that the Justice Department has entrusted to highly experienced investigators, assisted by the FBI. But I don’t understand why they’re not already in jail, the mayor said, siding unreservedly with George’s brother and sister, with leaders of civil rights associations calling for the immediate indictment of the cops’ murder and detail of Derek Chauvin, the man in uniform taken from a video while pressing his knee with all the weight of his body on George Floyd’s neck.

The demonstrations had already started on the afternoon of Tuesday 26, after the clip had rebounded between social media and TV. The images deny the first version provided by the police department: George offers no resistance. The agents are losing their minds. First they put the handcuffs on him, then they make him lie down with his face crushed on the asphalt. A policeman presses his knee to the neck. And, hands in pockets, he doesn’t move even when George complains convulsively: I don’t breathe, you are killing me. He died shortly after in the hospital.

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