George Floyd, clashes across America. Killed policeman and boy. Trump: fierce dogs against demonstrators


A Police officer dead and one injured. It doesn’t stop there protest in USA after the death of George Floyd to Minneapolis. One policeman was killed and another was injured by gunfire during the protests last night in Oakland, in California. Cnn reports this, citing police sources. At least 7,500 protesters took to the streets to demonstrate after the death of George Floyd to Minneapolis. There are reports of looting, shops set on fire and attacks on other policemen as well, according to police reports.

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George Floyd, Biden: justice is needed

Killed 19 year old in Detroit. Shoot to Detroit, In Michigan, against the crowd of protesters who were protesting over the death of the African American George Floyd: killed a 19 year old boy. The boy died in the hospital. The young man killed a Detroit, in Michigan, was hit by blows from an SUV. The Associated Press reported. The gunshots were aimed at a crowd of people who were demonstrating for the killing of African American George Floyd, who died at Minneapolis during the arrest phases.

George Floyd, tennis player Coco Gauff’s complaint: “When will all this end?”

Trump: ferocious dogs ready against demonstrators. If they had managed to get past the gate, the demonstrators who demonstrated yesterday evening in the White House against the killing of George Floyd “would have been greeted by the fiercest dogs and the most threatening weapons I have ever seen. And this would have been the moment when people would get really hurt, at least “: Donald Trump tweets it, congratulating the Secret Service agents for being not only” totally professional “but also” very cool “.

Minneapolis, arrested policeman involved in Floyd’s death: «The two already knew each other»

George Floyd, the autopsy result

George Floyd did not die of asphyxiation or strangulation. This is what emerged from the preliminary results of the autopsy conducted on the human body. According to the report, “the combined effects of being blocked by the police, his pre-existing health conditions (high blood pressure and coronary problems) and potential toxic substances contributed to his death”. During the arrest on Monday evening, an agent had kept one knee on his neck for nine minutes, during which the man had repeatedly repeated that he “cannot breathe” before he died.Minneapolis, the United Nations to the United States: “Stop the killings of African Americans by the police”

The protest spreads to all America, alarm in the White House. They continue to spread across America in protests over the murder of George Floyd, the African American who died in Minneapolis Monday after a policeman, who was arrested and indicted yesterday, held him on the ground with his knee pressed to his neck. Last night, protests continued in the city of Minnesota, a Washington, to Louisville, in Kentucky, New York City, Atlanta, Denver, Houston, San Jose is Bakersfield, in California, Chicago, Detroit and other cities. The alarm also went off in the White House in Washington when demonstrators, who had gathered near Pennsylvania Avenue, managed to get past the hurdles of the Secret Service and collided with the police. Reporters inside the White House reported that they were prevented from leaving the building for a while.

In many cities, including Boston, Fort Wayne and Atlanta, the police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. In Atlanta, agents were forced to barricade themselves at the entrance to the CNN headquarters building stormed. In California There is a video circulating showing how a black Toyota deliberately lashed out at the demonstrators in Bakersfied, but it is still unclear whether there are any injured. New protests also in Los Angeles where demonstrators blocked one of the city highways.

TO Los Angeles the police declared the blockade on the highway illegal by ordering the crowd to disperse, two officers were injured in the clashes. Protests also a Dallas, where a crowd of demonstrators is gathered in front of the Texas city police headquarters. The mayor, Eric Johnson, in a tweet said he “understands anger and shares pain” for what happened in Minneapolis which is “unacceptable”. “But please remain peaceful,” concluded the African American Democrat. Even the mayor of DenverMichael Hancock condemned the “unnecessary, senseless, destructive” violence that has occurred in the Colorado capital. “Once again the violence of a few obscures legitimate requests for justice.” Portland, in Oregon, is among the over 20 American cities where protests are taking place, with local police declaring the state of revolt and ordering demonstrators to disperse.

Pentagon orders the military ready. The Pentagon has asked the army to keep several military units ready to be deployed in Minneapolis, where protests and riots have been going on for days for the killing of African American George Floyd suffocated by a policeman with his knee. The Associated Press agency wrote this, underlining that it is extremely rare for the Pentagon to give such an order.

Minneapolis, 1,700 National Guard soldiers mobilized. After a new night of clashes in Minneapolis, during which 50 people were arrested, the National Guard of Minnesota strengthens its presence in the city by deploying 1700 soldiers by tomorrow. General Jon Jensen announced it, stressing that it is the largest deployment in the history of the state. “By the end of tomorrow, I believe we will have over 1,700 soldiers supporting the public security department in the city of Minneapolis and Saint Paul,” he said referring to the so-called twin cities of Minnesota.

Governor Minnesota: I understand anger but go home». «I understand the anger, but the situation is incredibly dangerous. You have to go home. ” It is the appeal of the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Waltz, to the protesters who are protesting in Minneapolis for the killing of the African American George Floyd, suffocated by a policeman with his knee. In a press conference at 1.30 local time, the governor said that at the moment the number of police deployed in the city is three times that of protests against racial segregation in the 1960s. “All of this does not concern the death of George Floyd, nor inequalities, which are real. This is chaos, ”said Waltz visibly tried. “There are people out there who just want to create conflicts.”

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