George Floyd, autopsy: “He didn’t die from asphyxiation or strangulation.” Could inflame the US: killed 19 year old and an agent, hundreds of arrests. White House under siege. Pentagon prepares the military


Atlanta, Louisville, Detroit, up in front of the White House. And also Washington, New York City, DenverHouston Chicago and Detroit. It was another night of violent clashes and protests in the United States, where the anger of thousands of people who besieged the cities of America for the third consecutive night after the murder of George Floyd, the 46-year-old African American who died after being immobilized by the police officer Derek Chauvin, now arrested. A night that leaves two victims behind: a Detroit, in Michigan, a 19 year old has been killed from gunshots shot by someone inside an SUV in the direction of the crowd that was demonstrating, while a Oakland, California, one police officer was killed and another was injured. And there are reports of looting, shops set on fire and attacks on other policemen as well, according to police reports. The Pentagon he asked the army to keep several military units ready to be deployed in Minneapolis, an extremely rare order for American Defense.

The autopsy – Meanwhile, the investigation into the death of George Floyd. The first results of the autopsy performed on his body report that the 46-year-old he died neither by asphyxiation nor by strangulation. According to the report, “the combined effects of being blocked by the police, his pre-existing health conditions (high blood pressure and coronary problems) and potential toxic substances contributed to his death”. The man’s family, however disputes this outcome and requests that a second, independent examination be conducted. For this she turned to the medical examiner Michael Baden to conduct one second autopsy: “The family doesn’t trust anything that comes from the Minneapolis police department. We have already seen the truth, “said lawyer Ben Crump, referring to the video that went viral on the Net in which the agent is seen holding him pressed one knee on the neck for 8 minutes and 53 seconds while he was on the ground.

The riots – Protests also came in front of the White House, where hundreds of people gathered to ask for justice for the victim and report police brutality. For the US presidential residence, the total lockdown, with the secret services that have decided to also prevent access to the press with a ‘hard pass’. Moments of tension occurred when some of the protesters attempted to remove one of the protective barriers that separated the crowd from the dozens of Secret Service agents deployed. The latter, however, immediately replaced the barrier and contained the crowd, keeping calm. The sit-in went on all night and, as reported by Guardian, protesters threw water at deployed Secret Service agents. Some on social media, however, denounce theuse of tear gas in the crowd.

Violent clashes also occurred in Atlanta, in Georgia, where Governor Brian Kemp declared it state of emergency after that in the night the protesters have Cnn headquarters attacked, throwing objects at the police officers placed at the entrance of the issuer’s headquarters. TO Louisvilleanother one in Kentucky reporter was attacked by police while recounting the riots. It is a reporter from a local TV station who was targeted by a policeman with his cameraman who was firing bullets inside pepper stinging gas. But tensions occurred mainly in Minneapolis, the city where Floyd died: despite the arrest of Agent Chauvin on Friday evening, hundreds of people took to the streets ignoring the appeals of the police and authorities to stay home after the decision to impose a curfew starting at 8 pm last evening. “I ask residents to respect the curfew and to go home immediately – the governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz wrote in a tweet – Agents must respond to emergencies, restore order and ensure the safety of the inhabitants of Minnesota “.

But it was in Detroit, Michigan that the most expensive price was paid: a 19 year old boy remained killed come on gunshots shot by someone inside an SUV in the direction of the crowd that was demonstrating. It is the first victim of the protests that are shaking the United States these days, with an escalation of violence. According to a spokeswoman for the Michigan city police department, the incident took place on Friday evening at 11.30 pm local time near the Greektown district, where clashes took place between demonstrators and agents. The victim was declared dead on arrival in the hospital.

TO Los Angeles the police said blocking on the highway is illegal by ordering the crowd to disperse, they remained in the clashes two officers injured. Protests also a Dallas, where a crowd of demonstrators is gathered in front of the Texan city police headquarters. The mayor, Eric Johnson, in a tweet said he “understands anger and shares pain” for what happened in Minneapolis which it is “unacceptable”. “But please remain peaceful,” concluded the African American Democrat. Even the mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock condemned the “unnecessary, senseless, destructive” violence that has occurred in the Colorado capital. “Once again the violence of a few obscures legitimate requests for justice “. Portland, Oregon is among the over 20 American cities where protests are taking place, with local police declaring the state of revolt and ordering demonstrators to disperse

The arrested agent – For the death of George Floyd he was arrested on charges of manslaughter white agent Derek Chauvin: investigations have revealed that previously killed a suspect, pparticipated in a shooting that was fatal to another and received at least 17 complaints during his nearly 20 years of service in the local police department. He had previously served for eight years as a member of the military police in the army reserve, which he had left without any recognition.

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