George Floyd and the masks, the turbo-philosopher Diego Fusaro infuriates everyone – Time


The TV philosopher enemy of “turbo-capitalism” Diego Fusaro returns to be talked about. It does so with a tweet that compares the last words of George Floyd “I cant ‘breath”, which became the slogan of the protest against racism and police abuse in the United States, at the battle of those who rebel against the “dictatorship of the masks“. Yesterday, Friday 29 May, Fusaro launched the tweet that infuriated many users and then removed it after a few minutes.” I can’t breathe. George Floyd’s words are also the cry against the mandatory mask always and in any case “, the message that has raised a lot of even fierce criticism. The screenshots of the unhappy exit remain on the net, but not only. The philosopher often guest of the talks TV shows also entrusted the daring parallelism to a videos on YouTube. Here it is:

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