Gemma massacred by Tina and Gianni


Gemma Galgani experienced a really difficult episode of men and women: for her jealousy towards Sirius-Nicola she was massacred by Tina and Gianni.

The episode of Men and women aired on Friday 29 May on Canale 5 opened with the airing of the outside that Sirius – Nicola Vivarelli and Gemma Galgani they lived: the two talked about travel, holidays and Greece. Nicola would like to go away with her and Gemma dreams. To make her come back down to earth she naturally thought about the usual one irreverent Tina Cipollari, who as soon as Galgani entered the studio made a bet: “I am sure that, when everything returns to normal, this boy will disappear into thin air, will embark on the before cruise ship and will come to the end of the world“.

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According to the opinionist, Nicola’s proposal to travel together depends on the fact that it is currently impossible. He is there today because there is nothing he can do with herwhen, on the other hand, you can go back to touching, hugging, kissing, he will disappear. “You have to put this in mind,” Tina says to Gemma.

Gemma’s paranoia

Valentina Autiero

Gemma is very distressed. IS very jealous of Nicola, who feels he has one sympathy for Valentina Autiero, moreover, denied by him several times, and he suffers us. Also, it makes her feel bad is the fact that often, when she calls Nicola on the phone, he doesn’t answer, because busy. His fear is, of course, that he is with another woman. But he explains that he is not an addicted cell phone and that by hurting the waves he emits he often leaves him far away, perhaps even in another room. And if he’s in the gym … he just doesn’t have it with him. But this thing Galgani just can’t accept it.

Tina and Gianni massacre her


She became jealous of a film she made herself”, He says Gianni Sperti. Tina Cipollari echoes him: “This story too is a film she made herself. A film that is as always all his films, that they ended badly“. Gemma is nervous, not very bright. Nicola is treated very badly, he replies badly.

You must be ashamed of your reactions. I’m ashamed of you in your place “, Tina increases the dose, who, turning to Nicola, adds:”Grandma doesn’t tolerate that you don’t hang up on the phone and you don’t reply immediately. You don’t have to give grandma an account, you can keep the phone wherever you want. ”

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