GAZZETTA – Naples, if Meret is given a return ready for the blue door


The future of the Italian goalkeeper still to be defined and if the former SPAL were sold there could be a surprising return.

“The goalkeepers issue will be settled at the end of the season.” And so The Gazzetta dello Sport opens up a new scenario among the Napoli goal posts: “There is a risk that Alex Meret will end up on the market if Gattuso decides to bet everything on Ospina. Faced with an advantageous offer, the club will not hesitate to sell it. In this case, Luigi Sepe, the current goalkeeper, could return to Naples. of Parma “, it is read. So, according to the rosea, the goalkeepers question at home is to be defined with the Meret question to be clarified absolutely.

What will the future of the former SPAL defender be? It is difficult to say, but without a doubt the Italian goalkeeper claims how much space for the future as the Europeans will be next season. The duel between Meret and Ospina will necessarily have to be clarified and between the two goalkeepers there is a third who could enjoy the matter. This is precisely Luigi Sepe, now in force at Parma who could make his return to Campania. Only this next market session can give a clear answer to this intricate puzzle.

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