Gattuso believes it, he wants the Italian Cup! Scream at Castel Volturno: a phrase from the technician appears


Gennaro Gattuso firmly believes that Napoli can win the Italian Cup, the first obstacle will be to overcome Inter.

Napoli will return to the field against Inter in the return semifinal of Italian Cup. According to what the Corriere dello Sport reports Gennaro Gattuso strongly believes in the victory of the trophy by the blues. “Let’s take the Italian Cup, guys, let’s try”, said the technician to the team. And although on certain occasions the classic and appropriate formula would be, the covenant of the cup, in this case the formula that best gives the idea is probably: thescream by Rino.

Yes, the charge of Gattuso and the players during a group chat close to the training, informal. That is: no meeting in plaster and even battle plans designed at the table in front of the managers. Macché: rather the roar of a lion, because Gattuso is a lion and an absolute driver, who in one click has completely conquered the trust and esteem of a team ready to do anything for him and with him.

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