Gasperini: “I had Covid-19, I was afraid of dying! In Valencia I was sick. Every two minutes …”


Atalanta’s coach, Gian Piero Gasperini, made some statements during an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Gian Piero Gasperini he fell ill with Covid-19. He found out ten days ago by undergoing serological tests. These are the words of the coach at Gazzetta dello Sport: “The day before the game of Valencia I was sick, the afternoon of the game worse. I didn’t have a pretty face on the bench. It was March 10th. The following two nights in Zingonia I slept little. I didn’t have a fever, but it felt like I was in pieces at 40. An ambulance passed every two minutes. There is a hospital nearby. It seemed to be at war. At night I thought: if I go in there, what happens to me? I can’t leave now, I have so many things to do … I said it jokingly, to exorcise. But I really thought so. “

On March 14, Saturday, he trained hard between treadmills and running. Her words: “I felt good, strong. The worst was over. The next day Vittorio, star chef and fan of the Goddess, sent us 25 doves and Dom Perignon from 2008, the year of grace. I taste it and say:” But this is water … “. Tullio (Gritti, according to Gasp) looks at me wrong:” Seriously? It’s a delight. “The dove seemed to me bread. I had lost my taste. So Tullio and Marcello, our physiotherapist, ate 25 doves … I stayed in Zingonia for three weeks. Then in Turin I always respected the distancing from wife and children. Without fever I never swabbed. Ten days ago serological tests confirmed that I had Covid-19. I have antibodies, which does not mean that I am now immune. It will take years to truly understand what happened, because right here was the center of evil. Every time I think about it it seems absurd: the historical peak of sporting happiness coincided with pain largest in the city. Today I feel even more Bergamo. In trop more they rowed against football, forgetting its economic and social value. Too much horror from other sports. Playing with 5 substitutions? The game is distorted. We become basketball. There may be ten new players on the pitch in the last game. How to allow you to change your engine at half the grand prix He loses the show. In the end the teams stretch, they discover each other. The merit of the best prepared teams that win at a distance is defused. Who is the genius who claims that accidents are avoided? On what basis? You also get injured in the first half. Better to change players from one race to another. Better still if the idea of ​​Galliani had applied: more diluted matches and the championship ended after the summer. Times were there. “

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