Gasoline and diesel prices start to rise again


Fuel prices are rising again. With the recovery of oil prices, from a few days back above $ 30 a barrel, and the consequent increase in refining products, the average price for self service in the last week has been again ascended. Gasoline reached € 1,366 per liter, from € 1,356 in the week ended April 18. According to the data of the Ministry of Economic Development, the price of diesel also increased, from € 1.287 to € 1.256 per liter.

A “shameful” increase, according to Massimiliano Dona, the president of the National Consumer Union, after the Ministry of Economic Development published the price list of the Italian network. “It is unacceptable that prices, as soon as the lockdown is over, immediately start to rise again, interrupting the slow descent which, due to the collapse of crude oil, had lasted for weeks”.

According to the UNC, it was “too comfortable to bring prices down while the Italians were forced to stay at home” immediately reversing the trend “as soon as it was possible to resume circulation, that is, from 18 May. Even if for now the rise is minimal, about 1 cent per liter, on a full tank of 50 liters of fuel there is however an increase of 50 cents, 0.501 euros for petrol and 0.449 euros for diesel. – calculate the association – The fear is that next week will be even worse. ”

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