Game Pass for Xbox One and PC, the new games of May 2020


The selection for the second half of May is less rich than the previous one, but we can absolutely not say that to subscribers Xbox Game Pass there are no titles to play. Among other things, another absolute novelty is about to arrive in the catalog, Minecraft Dungeons, which as a game Xbox Game Studios will enter the service on the day it is launched. For the most nostalgic and for those who have never had the chance to experience one of the most memorable adventures of the past generation of consoles, there is Alan Wake by Remedy.

Before going to discover all the new titles, we report that the day May 29 we will have to say goodbye to #IDARB (Xbox One), Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Xbox One and PC), Hydro Thunder Hurricane (Xbox One and PC), King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate (Xbox One), Old man’s Journey (Xbox One and PC), Opus Magnum (PC) and Stealth Inc 2 (PC). All the games listed above will leave the service permanently.

Alan Wake (Xbox One and PC) – May 21st

Ten years have passed since its release, but Alan Wake continues to be remembered as one of Remedy’s best works. Merit of an iconic character, a dark and fascinating story presented in the style of a television series and one of the best characterized settings ever. A work straddling an action game and a psychological thriller.

When his wife disappears while on vacation in Bright Falls, in the northwest of the United States of America, for the best-selling writer Alan Wake, a real nightmare begins. During his research he stumbles upon the pages of a thriller he does not remember having written while an overwhelming darkness begins to grip him. We prefer not to continue further, because if in this decade you have never had the opportunity to live his adventure, it is right that you do it for the first time without any major anticipation. If you have already played it, we advise you to read our special for the tenth anniversary of Alan Wake.

The playable version on Xbox One is nothing but the original version for Xbox 360, proposed thanks to backward compatibility program. More advanced, however, the PC version, full of graphic settings and able to have its say even after all these years.

Cities: Skylines (Xbox One and PC) – May 21st

Cities Skylines is management game gives you the opportunity to build a city with foundations and then watch it grow and to transform itself into a sprawling metropolis capable of satisfying the demands of an ever expanding population. You have the task of managing every single aspect of the urban agglomeration, from public services to municipal ordinances, passing through health, safety, transport and education.

Citizens have very different needs and will amaze you with their multiple reactions to your decisions. The many tools available provide ample room for maneuver, and you will be free to erect an industrial city shrouded in a cloud of smog or a quiet seaside town suitable for tourists and powered by renewable energy. The choice is up to you, but be sure to manage the agglomeration with the right balance!

Cities Skylines was born on PC, so on this platform, thanks to the mouse and keyboards, it manages to give its best. The Colossal Order developers, however, have managed to adapt it in a more than dignified way also to the Xbox One controller.

Minecraft Dungeons (Xbox One and PC) – May 26th

The exit of Minecraft Dungeons it was scheduled for April 30, but Microsoft was forced to postpone it because of the problems caused by the emergency. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait much longer, since in a few days it will finally arrive on the market. Xbox Game Pass subscribers, both on PC and on Xbox One, will of course be able to play it at no extra cost!

Minecraft Dungeons is an action-adventure game inspired by the classic dungeon crawlers and set in the universe of Minecraft, which can be faced alone or in a cooperative for up to a maximum of 4 players. Our editorial team has already had the opportunity to review it, finding an experience that can be interesting even for veterans of the genre thanks to a high degree of customization, and a remarkable care in the generation of maps and in the progression of the hero. You will learn more by reading the Minecraft Dungeons review.

Plebby Quest: The Crusades (PC) – to be defined

Plebby Quest: The Crusades is a turn-based strategy game set in the Crusades era in Europe and the Middle East. Your job is to survive in a ruthless scenario where i ambitious rulers seek to conquer the world, men of religion make unreasonable demands and your neighbors continually plan to invade you.

Two game modes are available: Scenario, in which you can follow the story of your character; Sandbox, where you are free to conquer the world without any restrictions. The neighboring kingdoms react to your choices, and may decide to become your allies or bitter enemies. The crossroads play a fundamental role, since they can influence the course of wars and, therefore, of history.

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