Gambizzato Taranto, business rival arrest – Last Hour


(ANSA) – TARANTO, MAY 31 – The police have arrested a
acquaintance of the man who was stalked yesterday afternoon
Taranto after a dispute, near a funeral agency in via
Mazzini. Investigations revealed that in violent discussion
three people from two families were involved
competitors in the funeral sector.
Giacomo Attolino, 46, ended up in prison for injuries
aggravated, illegal detention and illegal port of arms. The victim,
taken to the Santissima Annunziata hospital, she was injured
deemed curable in 30 days.

The agents, who had intervened to report a
shooting, they found a 7.65 caliber cartridge case on the asphalt.

Attolino is accused of having exploded some gunshots
to the rival’s address, one of whom joined him at
right leg. During the dispute, the unfortunate was also
beaten with a baseball bat. Further work is underway
investigations to investigate the underlying reasons


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