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Milan, 22 May 2020 – The investigation by the Milan prosecutor on ‘hospital at the fair, the pain of families for the dead at Pio Albergo Trivulzio and a political attack on Lombard health so heated that yesterday morning the President of the Chamber was forced to suspend the sitting. “What bitterness”, he lets out Giulio Gallera, in a rare pause between the summits and the meetings that follow one another at Palazzo Lombardia. Ninety days after the start of the Covid emergency and the creation of the red zone in the Lodi area, the guard remains very high; pure controversy. “In three months – confesses the regional councilor for Welfare – I have not disconnected that for a day and a half. And there is still much to do. Not to be unprepared for a new wave”.

Will arrive?
“I hope not. We are working to avert it. The number of people who fall seriously ill has fallen; a sign, too, that the virus is less powerful. And in any case if we had to register a relapse we would know how to deal with it”

Lombardy’s health policies are targeted by parties that support the government. The accusation is that he has made cuts in beds for years.
“Cuts and contractions occurred in Lombardy as in the rest of Italy. There has been reduced the possibility of hiring staff, of financing scholarships for doctors, of increasing the number of beds. We have three for every thousand inhabitants: the maximum allowed today. The Lombardia model, which many criticize, has saved thousands of lives. In February and March, when hospitals risked collapse, the public-private synergy made it possible to increase the number of intensive care units from 800 to 1,800 from 1,000 to 12,000 those in pneumology “.

After the controversy, a judicial investigation also came to the hospital at the fair.
“A paradoxical affair. We decided to create that structure, moreover without public money, on March 7, when the curve of contagion seemed to go on and on. We asked ourselves: what will happen if the wave of the atomic bomb that exploded in Lodi and Bergamo will arrive in Milan? The curve then, fortunately, went down. But if the opposite had happened and we had not set up that hospital today we would have been attacked in the same way, but for opposite reasons. It is obvious that the attack is instrumental “.

“For political reasons, those who over the years have shown they know how to attack are attacked. It is an artfully orchestrated campaign. It is no coincidence that the Emilian governor Bonaccini spends 26 million public funds on an emergency hospital, no breath.”

People wonder why it was so late with tampons.
“What happened in Lombardy is incomparable to what was recorded in the other regions. Without prejudice to Emilia, for the situation in Piacenza. We are the region that made the most swabs. To be precise, over 600,000. Having had many sick people we had to select the people to get them to. Also because the necessary reagents were scarce, and this is the real theme “.

Explain yourself.
“The State should have distributed to the Regions everything necessary to deal with the pandemic. The reagents for the swabs, in fact, and then the masks, gloves, disinfectants. Instead, nothing arrived. And when the masks arrived here, we didn’t were approved “.

Blame the bureaucracy, they say in Rome. Or speculators, accuse the government.
“I have before my eyes the image of the Foreign Minister who, on February 15, attended the sending of tons of masks and gels to China. On the 20th the emergency broke out in Lombardy, and for us there was nothing “.

How are your relations with the government?
“With the minister Roberto Speranza and with the deputy minister Pierpaolo Sileri certainly very good. Unfortunately not with the rest of the government. I have always sought an institutional relationship and it has been complicated”.

A mistake you regret?
“It was a difficult time, we had to decide quickly. Because the only goal was to save lives. If I had consulted a couple of jurists at the time of writing each decision, perhaps I would register fewer attacks and criticisms today, but certainly we would have saved fewer lives” .

In light of what happened to the World Health Organization, would you follow its instructions so slavishly today?
“In recent months the big problem has been precisely science. The indications of which have often proved to be incomplete and sometimes even contradictory”.

Who was wrong about the Rsa?
“Since 23 February we have communicated what measures should be taken to ensure the safety of patients and operators. The guidelines are clear. It was up to the individual structures to organize themselves to respect them. The problem, once again, is that masks and other devices were nowhere to be found.”

There is also controversy over serological tests. They fuel great expectation. Yet the Lombardy Region is prudent.
“We are experiencing the first pandemic of the era of globalization. Everyone is looking for certainties. And maybe a license for immunity. Unfortunately it is not possible to have it. The serological test can be misleading. You can have antibodies and still be positive; or you may not have the antibodies but have the virus incubated. The race for serology has no self-diagnostic value. It only serves on a statistical level “.

The real danger, it seems to understand, remains asymptomatic. What is being done?
“With the start of Phase 2 and after the results achieved with the lockdown on the contagion front, we decided on some measures. For example, making the measurement of fever in the workplace mandatory. Those who have 37.5 degrees of temperature end up in isolation, as well as anyone who has had close contact with him. Then he and the others will have to go through the swab. ”

Councilor, you are now a well-known face. Is it an advantage having to do politics or has this affair tarnished your image?
“I never think about the next electoral deadlines. I don’t have the time. Since February there have been difficult moments. Many. This affair has marked me. He is mounting a campaign of hatred. Being here to work is the only way to fight it. “.

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