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The famous digital key shop G2A it is again at the center of a controversy. The Polish company, based in Hong Kong, in fact, confirmed that it paid the developer Wube about 40k dollars compensation. After internal investigations, it became clear that 198 were sold through the online store stolen keys by Factorio. For this reason G2A has reimbursed the Czech developer 10 times the subtracted value.

Despite efforts to clean up its name, often linked to the “gray market” of buying and selling keys to redeem games and software on Steam, Origin and other online stores, G2A is once again in the eye of the hurricane. And this time because of what looks spectacular own goal.

In 2019, the Polish store, confident of its vendor control methods and its internal security system, programmed to detect whether robots or other methods of defrauding people are being used, said it would pay. 10 times more all those developers who would prove that stolen keys were being sold on G2A. A spectacular all-in, designed to demonstrate uniquely the correctness of the system.

So much so that no one had ever used the service. Nobody except Wube, a small Czech studio. Wube gave G2A a list of 321 keys which he said were stolen and sold through the portal. The Polish company would have tried to convince PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, KMPG or Deloitte to act as referees impartial, but, having failed to reach an agreement with these companies, it carried out the investigations on its own.

Investigations from which it emerged that 198 of those 321 keys stolen they were actually sold through G2A. The store then paid 10 times the subtracted value, or $ 39,600, and tried to explain that this kind of initiative was just for that. That is to show on the one hand that, unlike what is whispered, the vast majority of keys present on G2A have no problems, and on the other that in the case of theft the company, being the intermediary of the sale, covers the transaction costs .

What do you think? Was it a misstep or a demonstration of good faith?

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