Fujinon XF 50mm F1.0: Fujifilm confirms the launch in 2020 once again


‚ÄúDuring an online event dedicated to the Indian market for the launch of Fujifilm X-T4, Fujifilm confirmed that the long-awaited Fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 lens will actually arrive by the end of 2020! “

During an online event by Fujifilm dedicated to the Indian market (and the launch of Fujifilm X-T4), information on other products has also been revealed, such as the long-awaited Fujinon XF 50mm F1.0. This wide-open lens will be the spearhead of the XF offer of the Japanese manufacturer.

It is not the first time that we mention the Fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 and already in the past the company had confirmed that it would arrive by 2020. During the online event it was reiterated that the launch date is actually set for this year and some of the information for this model has been reiterated on which Fujifilm he is aiming a lot.

fujinon xf50 f / 1.0

This new solution, currently shown as a working prototype, will be perfectly coupled with a solution like the Fujifilm X-T4, in the words of Toshihisa Iida (General Manager EID & OD Division). Thanks to the choice to switch from the focal length of 33 mm to that of 50 mm, it was possible to file the weight of 400 grams reaching a total of 900 grams and allowing to reduce the size.

The new goal Fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 will then allow you to get a bokeh effect particularly pronounced but not only. According to the managers of the company it will be soft allowing the creation of creative portraits and not necessarily focusing on precision absolute precision.


It will be one of the lenses with the largest aperture on the market: a great engineering effort on the part of Fujifilm. Currently there is still a lot of technical information on this model and the launch price is also missing. Will it satisfy even the most demanding users? You just have to wait for the official presentation.

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