Ftse Mib towards change of pace? Expectations and buy and sell stocks


Below is the interview with Pietro Origlia with questions about the Ftse Mib index and some of the blue chips listed on Piazza Affari.

The Ftse Mib attempted a stretch towards the 18,300 area yesterday, but took a large part of the gains. What are your expectations in the short term?

The increasingly positive expectations of a recovery of the global economy thanks to a series of economic stimuli, most recently the EU Recovery Fund, are supporting sentiment on the main international stock markets.

Yesterday evening, the US price lists returned to their March levels, with the S & P500 revising and exceeding the 3,000 point threshold.

In this context, the focus of investors today will be focused not only on a series of macro data, but above all on the growing escalation between the US and China for the situation in Hong Kong, a factor that could “undermine” the positivity found in the last days.

On the currency market, the Euro appreciates with the prices that try to force against the Dollar the important resistances placed on the 1.10 threshold.

Beyond this level, it would extend towards 1.11 and then towards 1.125, which would be the target taken from the breadth of the range in which the prices have remained caged in recent months.

As for the Ftse Mib, prices go beyond those strong resistances that we had under observation in recent weeks and located in the 17,850-17,900 area, a threshold that represents the upper part of a trading range in place for some months.

A confirmation beyond these levels would significantly improve the graphic picture of the FTSE Mib which at that point could continue its recovery in the direction of 18,700 points first and 19,100 later.

Needless to say, the return below the levels indicated above would cancel the positive view and bring the index back to the previous range between 16.300 / 16.400 and 17.850 / 17.900 points.

Yesterday Unicredit was the best Ftse Mib title, while Intesa Sanpaolo was less lively. What indications can you give us for both?

The banking sector, with a sharp decline in spreads, is starting to show signs of newfound positivity.

Specifically, the UNICREDIT title with confirmations above 7.45-7.50 euros would send a long signal with first targets on the threshold of 8 and then 8.50 euros.

As far as INTESA SANPAOLO is concerned, the break of 1.55 euros would open the door to a test close to 1.65 euros and to follow the 1.70 euro area.

Diasorin and Nexi sank yesterday after the recent strong hikes. What strategies can you suggest for these two titles?

We are talking about two titles that had performed positively in the midst of the pandemic and which in recent days have gone through heavy sales for different reasons.

As for DIASORIN, the rejection arrived from an investment bank brought prices back into contact with important supports located in the 168-170 euro area.

With the holding of this threshold, the stock could resume the upward trend in the direction of 185 euros first and 190 euros later.

On the contrary, NEXI paid the placement of 8% of its majority shareholder at € 14.20.
In the short term, the first levels to be monitored are placed near the 13.80-13.90 euros which represent the first supports of the title, to be kept in order not to run into a more marked correction.

What can you tell us about the recent performance of Azimut and FinecoBank? What is your view on these two titles?

The Azimut correction which started at the end of April from 16 euros with an engulfing ribasissta pushed prices into contact with the supertrend in the 13.80 euro area.

On this threshold we have seen a return on purchases and in the short term it will now be more than 15 euros, beyond which there could be extensions towards the top of April.

As far as FINECOBANK is concerned, that upward trend which started in March continues which could bring the share to the May highs in the 10.5 euro area.

What are the stocks you are following most closely in this market phase? Which do you recommend looking at now?

Among the interesting titles, I would point out PIRELLI in the event of a break of € 3.90-3.95 and first targets near € 4.30.

I would like to point out EXPERT SYSTEM that above 3.15 euros would have a first target of 3.5 euros and finally ASTM which, after exceeding the 18.20 euro area, could close the bearish gap left open on 9 March in area 20, 30 EUR.

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