Ft, mortality in GB is world record – Europe


The excess mortality recorded by the United Kingdom during the pandemic compared to the average of the same period of the previous years is an absolute world record. At least according to available official data and a comparison drawn by the Financial Times with 18 other countries.
According to the daily updates of the government of Boris Johnson, more uniform with those of other western countries, the island currently has almost 37,500 deaths for Covid-19 ascertained with the swab: second in the world and first in Europe in absolute numbers; behind Belgium, Spain and head to head with Italy in relation to the population. The general differential of the deaths surveyed by the ONS, the British equivalent of Istat, nevertheless reached 60,000 on May 15, the City newspaper notes, although with the Covid-19 indicated as a certain or probable cause in no more than 76% of the cases (about 46,000).


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