Front between two motorcycles on the hairpin bends of Susa, a couple aged 38 and 41 died – La Stampa


SUSA. Tragic accident in the afternoon today, Saturday 30 May, along the hairpin bends of the Belvedere of the state road 24 between Susa and Gravere. Following a crash, two motorcyclists riding a Yamaha, a 41-year-old man from Collegno and a 38-year-old woman from Susa, lost their lives after colliding with another bike, a TMax. The driver of the scooter, a man from Collegno, is now hospitalized in Susa hospital with mild trauma. It seems that the driver of the latter, who was traveling down the road, lost control of the vehicle by investing the other bike right near the curve.
The victims
The woman was of Romanian origin. Until some time ago he lived in Susa, now he lived in Collegno with the driver of the motorbike on which he found death. It seems that the two died instantly after being thrown out of the middle.

Front between two bikes on the hairpin bends of Susa, a 38 and 41 year old couple died

To allow the carabinieri of the Susa company to ascertain the dynamics of the accident, the state road was closed for transit. The 118 invited the helicopter to the scene, but the doctor could not help but ascertain the death of the two motorcyclists who died on the spot in the stretch of road already in the past the scene of numerous misfortunes.

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