From Zingaretti to Bova to AS Roma: all to the court of Palamara, Mr Wolf from the capital


From Zingaretti to Bova to AS Roma: all to the court of Palamara, Mr Wolf from the capital

Scrolling through the hundreds of chats by the magistrate Luca Palamara, investigated for an alleged corruption, the final impression is that the capital is afflicted with an illness. Defined a hundred years ago by Sigmund Freud “compulsion to repeat”, that incoercible and “completely unconscious tendency to put himself” says Treccani “in painful or painful situations, without realizing that he has actively determined them, nor that it is repetition of old experiences ».

Palamara and the world above and below looking for it on WhatsApp is, in fact, yet another incarnation of our local facilitator. Yet another Mr Wolf, this time dressed in a toga, who solves problems for colleagues, ministers, politicians, actors and powerful assorted. The millennial re-presentation of the immortal “A Fra ‘che te serve”, a phrase with which the builder Gaetano Caltagirone answered the phone to Andreott Franco Evangelisti on the phone, always on the hunt for pleasures and funding for his current.

Trapped on Groundhog Day, where everything starts all over again between P2, P3 P4 and the novel P5, Rome observes with growing concern the new scandal that broke out a year ago.

If in May 2019 the conversations between the Unicost prosecutor and two deputies of the Democratic Party (Luca Lotti and Cosimo Ferri) regarding the appointments of the heads of the most important prosecutors in Italy had earthquake the CSM, this time the messages risk overwhelming other representatives of the judiciary, and embarrassing important politicians.

Net of the criminal relevance of the events which is still to be demonstrated (no one except Palamara is investigated), the story shows opaque relations between magistrates of left and right currents. It is topped with secret and confidential meetings, plus requests for prebends of all kinds, including tickets for the Stadium.

A stream of conversations that draw – as three Neapolitan judges wrote yesterday announcing the candidacy for the judicial Council elections – the degeneration “that has developed in the judiciary in the last ten years, where a system of power, set aside ideality and cultural commitment, it offers magistrates the only miserable prospect of building a career for themselves and their friends based on the mutual exchange of favors, privilege and position income, through the creation of an obscure network of interpersonal relationships ».

In short, a Mephitic Suburra. Now, it is known that the chats (filed a few weeks ago by the judges of Perugia) between Palamara and his interlocutors have already led to the resignation of the head of cabinet of the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede, and that yesterday the heads of the National Magistrates Association decided to take a step back after the latest revelations about unheard of and violent current fights.

Less known, however, are other dangerous reports of the prosecutor under the Rome prosecutor’s office, Unicost boss and undisputed king of nominations, which re-propose not only the theme of the reform of the CSM, but also that of the relationship between politics and judges, and between judges and entrepreneurs.


Let’s go in order, starting from politics. In chats Palamara – besides stating that Matteo Salvini must be “attacked even if (on migrants, ed.) He is right” – he seems to be linked above all to representatives of the Democratic Party. For example, the secretary Nicola Zingaretti received a congratulatory text message in March 2018, after his victory in the Regionals: «Great Nicola, great victory !! Let’s start from here all together! », He replies with a« Thank you !!! ». On 23 May 2019, on the eve of the European Championships, to the leader who says “if I lose I will have a lot of free time”, Palamara replies with a little bipartisan: “And we want you very busy”.

The chats between the two – filed by the Umbrian judges and therefore delivered to the defense lawyers – start from March 2019 and stop on May 29, 2019, the day when Repubblica gives the first account of Perugia’s investigations on the relations between Palamara and the businessman Fabrizio Centofanti (Zingaretti, that day, still proposes to the judge to meet the following week).

In those 14 months, the prosecutor and the politician met for coffee, dinners and appointments at the Roman bars of the Auditorium or Montemartini. We don’t know the topics for discussion. Thanks to the messages, however, we know that Zingaretti organizes a meeting between Palamara and the extraordinary commissioner Nicola Tasco, head of a regional Institute of legal studies controlled by the Lazio Region, the “Arturo Carlo Jemolo” in October 2018. Sifting through the chats between Palamara and Tasco, it is also discovered that the prosecutor was appointed at the end of November 2018 as a member of the scientific Council of the body, specialized in training and in the organization of conferences and seminars.

The evil ones assume today that Zingaretti, investigated in July 2018 by the Rome prosecutor together with Centofanti for an alleged illicit financing, thus wanted to ingratiate himself with an important prosecutor of the Roman prosecutor by calling him from the Institute. If it is a fact that the news of the investigation, then archived, was publicly given by this weekly in March 2019, by the Region they explain that Palamara was co-opted into the regional body not because he was a friend of Zingaretti, but because he was considered by everyone an authoritative former member of the CSM, former president of the ANM in the past. Espresso has verified, however, that the members of the Scientific Committee of Jemolo do not take salaries or attendance fees.

Palamara has a special relationship with dem. A year ago in the eyes of reporters appeared scandalous – among the many interceptions published in the Perugia investigation – especially those with Luca Lotti. The former Renziano had been registered by the Guardia di Finanza to improperly discuss apical appointments of national prosecutors, including that of Rome. And to fight to damage the reputation of the prosecutor Paolo Ielo, an anti-corruption judge who started the investigation on Palamara (then sent to Perugia on an accrual basis) and who a long time ago had sent Lotti to trial for aiding and abetting in the vein of the leak of the Consip case. “Unacceptable interference”, commented commentators and politicians, so much so that the former undersecretary at Palazzo Chigi di Renzi has since been suspended by the Democratic Party.

The chats between Palamara and Marco Minniti appear equally questionable today. Between July 2017 and November 2018, Luca Palamara, member of the CSM, and Marco Minniti, then influential minister of the interior, in fact hear each other several times. They do this on the occasion of important appointments of the judiciary. In particular, they argue during the elections to the CSM of the new prosecutor in Naples.

In July 2017 there is a challenge for two, between Giovanni Melillo and Federico Cafiero De Raho. The first will emerge, who from the Ministry of Justice (Melillo had been head of cabinet of Andrea Orlando) will return to the trenches against the Camorra. De Raho instead, at the time chief prosecutor of Reggio Calabria, thanks to the experience on the Strait during which he brought out the tentacles of the masso’ndrangheta, will end a few months later at the national anti-mafia prosecutor’s office.

Minniti, as a politician and executive representative, should stay away from judicial appointments like Superman from Kryptonite. Instead in conversations on the cell phone it seems to strike up precise strategies with Palamara, pm and head of Unicost. That, if he clearly dislikes Salvini, with his predecessor he seems to love and agree.

Palamara: «Situation on Cafiero still evolving but very tiring I hope to find the last mediation later»

Minniti: «Perfect. Thanks”

Palamara: «Last attempt failed. We are voting soon »

Minniti: «Ok. Thanks”

Palamara: «Melillo 14. Cafiero 9. Voted now»

Minniti: «Perfect. Let us now try to save Soldier de Raho. The result somehow allows it ».

Palamara: «Yes, my speech in plenum was in this sense»

Minniti: «Perfect. Let’s work ”

We do not know how the two “worked”, but it is certain that on November 7, 2017, on the eve of De Raho’s appointment to the national anti-mafia prosecutor’s office, Minniti and Palamara rewrite.

Palamara: «Tomorrow Cafiero will go unanimously. Best wishes »

Minniti: «Excellent. A strong hug”.

Said of the chat on the appointments, of which the Daily Fact had already mentioned, there is a dialogue of April 2018 useful to understand the relations of absolute trust between the magistrate of the appointments and the then minister Minniti. In reality, “outgoing” minister: the elections of March 4 had passed by a month, but the yellow-green government is not yet in office at the time. Palamara therefore turns to him when the prefecture suspends his protection service. From which day he would no longer have an escort: for Palamara, giving it up is not something that can be contemplated.

Palamara: «Good morning Marco I wanted to inform you that from this morning I was suspended the protection service not having been granted a further extension at the moment».

Minniti: «Ok now I see»

The Interior Ministry is the department on which the protection services of people at risk depend. Palamara, two minutes after asking Minniti to take action to regain the escort, wants to be sure, and writes with a copy and paste also to Giorgio Toschi, former commander general of Finance.

Palamara: «Good morning Marco I wanted to inform you that from this morning I was suspended from the protection service since no further extension was granted at the moment»

Toschi: «Unfortunately I have been informed, even if they tell me that I am waiting for further (and favorable) decisions. A hug”.

L’Espresso contacted Palamara, who explained that – despite the requests – he ultimately failed to regain the coveted escort.


Palamara’s phone rings at all hours. And chats on Facebook and WhatsApp fire nonstop notifications. These are mainly colleagues who ask for recommendations, who beg for favors, who design strategies for appointments and chairs. Mr Wolf in a toga promises everyone, sort out solicitations, tame those who protest, pamper those who can be useful to him.

But every now and then, in addition to the political ones, extrajudicial relations spring up unexpectedly. With VIPs and entrepreneurs. There is a chat with actor Raul Bova, who in 2017 – after being sentenced in the first degree to one year and six months for an alleged fraudulent tax declaration – asks Palamara to “investigate this sentence, an unprecedented injustice. All acquitted except me … I ask you to check if I deserved such a harsh sentence. So targeted. Was it considered a premeditated maneuver? They are in shock “(Palamara hurries to tell him that” he will let him know, but you have to react: nothing is lost “).

There is, above all, the previously unpublished relationship with Mauro Baldissoni, general manager of AS Roma. Palamara is a huge fan: he knows Claudio Ranieri and Luciano Spalletti, but to see the champions of his Rome it is to Baldissoni who asks for tickets to the Olimpico. Not only for home games, but also for away games. The do ut des is always around the corner: when the Rome prosecutor and the prosecutor Ielo open the investigation on Luca Lanzalone and the builder Luca Parnasi and on the alleged bribes around the project of the new Stadio della Roma, Baldissoni (who he will then be heard as a witness) knows that he can count on his friend.

Palamara, in March 2018, however, thinks only of going to the stands.

Palamara: «Good morning Mauro sorry for the inconvenience but I promised my son to take him to Barcelona and I am finding it difficult to find two tickets. I await you a warm greeting. »

A few days later, it is clear from the tone of the message that the desire was probably granted.

Palamara: «Thanks Mauro it was something epic and unforgettable and the fact of having been to Barcelona made everything even more beautiful a hug soon».

Baldissoni: «Thanks Luca».

Two days later, however, Palamara asks for another favor. He also wants to go to England.

Palamara: «Good morning Mauro, I ask you the hassle as far as possible also for Liverpool, always with my son, thanks as always»

Baldissoni: «Luca won’t be easy. Let’s see.

A week later, Palamara insists: “Mauro sorry I tried to look for you because Luca called me (who is it? Maybe Lanzalone, ed?) Who told me that he comes to watch the game in Liverpool and he wanted me too . I don’t want to put you in difficulty if there is still a chance I am waiting for your feedback I am with my son ».

We do not know if the prosecutor finally managed to leave to enjoy the “Never walk alone” and the scarves of Anfield, but certainly two months later, on June 13, 2018 (the day of the arrests of Parnasi and Lanzalone), he is asking information to the magistrate. Who works a few meters away from the investigators who conducted the investigation. Instead of declaring himself unavailable, the magistrate immediately proposes a private meeting.

Baldissoni: «Luca, but what happened on Parnasi? Is there really substance? ”

Palamara: «Good morning Mauro in the day or tomorrow also see you for a coffee?»

Baldissoni: «I’m in Rome. You tell me”.

Palamara: «At 11 am Palazzo Montemartini cafes inside room?»

Baldissoni: «Ok. A little earlier »

The day after, the Rome chief sent a newspaper article that reported Ielo’s words, which underlined how AS Roma “is out of this story”. Baldissoni, however, must be heard as a witness.

Baldissoni: «Just to remind you of Ielo’s words yesterday. We do not consider any act flawed ».

Palamara: «I see Mauro tomorrow and I tell you».

Baldissoni: «Ok. I hope to talk to you as soon as possible. I’d like to understand what to say to all American investors, by the way …

Maybe Baldissoni wants to speak with Ielo, or with the top executives? The next day, Baldissoni is certainly listened to by the offices led at the time by Giuseppe Pignatone. Only as a witness.

Palamara: «He was very satisfied for today and for you».

Baldissoni: «I’m happy. I told him that I remain at their disposal if he needs some clarification. With pleasure. Even informally ».

Palamara: «Ok. We will have coffee in the next few days ».

In the weeks and months that followed, the two friends met several times. It is likely that Baldissoni is worried by the development of the investigation, and that the prosecutor who asks him for tickets can be a good link to get first-hand information. It is a fact that Ielo, heard by the Espresso, denies having ever given Palamara any detail on the investigation, on Baldissoni or anyone else. “I hadn’t heard or met Palamara for months,” he said.

The scandal of Mr Wolf, whom his colleague Massimo Forciniti amicably calls “er cazzaro”, one year after the publication of the first papers of the Perugia prosecutor’s office, shows no sign of extinguishing. “Here everything is likely to come down, it’s really a Suburra,” repeat the magistrates who stunned read chats and eavesdropping. Sara. But many rely on the compulsion to repeat that afflicts the whole country. Because it is statistically very probable that this tsunami will soon be forgotten, that nothing will change, and that we will begin to be indignant again at the next scandal.

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