From Tuscany to Belgium, the Prato researcher awarded by the Royal Academy


Antonella Fioravanti
Brussels, 20 May 2020 – A 37-year-old Italian, Antonella Fioravanti, of Meadow, researcher at the University of Brussels (Vub), is the first scientist of foreign nationality to win the prize of the Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences as the most promising young scientist of the year.

Fioravanti, to whom the recognition will be made official on Thursday, was chosen from 60 candidates thanks to research work anthrax, published last July on Nature Microbiology. The study focused on the ‘armor’ of the bacterium by developing a system to destroy it.

“Being rewarded – commented Fioravanti – is an immense joy and an incredible honor. The pandemic we are experiencing has highlighted the fact that the science it must be considered a priority before you enter an emergency. I do this job to try to find a solution for those who suffer and the fact that they noticed this research gives me a lot of hope “.

“I congratulate Antonella very much, but I would also like to tell her that her story as a young scholar is not only a precious testimony to the value of education, but also a beautiful spot to make people understand what the best Europe is, as her curriculum with studies in Florence, Lille, Paris, Brussels “. So the vice president of the Tuscany Region and councilor for culture and universities, Monica Barni, comments the news of the recognition.

“This success – continues Barni – comes at a very particular moment, marked by the effects of the pandemic, and takes on an even more important meaning, showing how necessary the research work of science is for humanity. I wish Antonella – she concludes – to continue her brilliant career as a researcher and to continue to testify to the value of studying and the training capacity of the Italian and European university system “.

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