From Trump sanctions against China: “Hong Kong’s autonomy has not been guaranteed”


Donald Trump’s harsh new attack on China during the White House press conference: the US president accused Beijing of both the Hong Kong crisis and the management of the coronavirus. In the same meeting with reporters, Trump also said that the US will cut off any relationship with the World Health Organization, a decision that had already been announced.

“China has not guaranteed Hong Kong’s autonomy as it promised,” the American president said first. Trump has announced immediate countermeasures: the US administration will begin the process to eliminate the exemptions that give Hong Kong special treatment and “financial hub” status. It will also provide for “sanctions against those responsible for the Chinese Communist Party deemed dangerous: they will be prohibited from entering the United States. Among the announced measures there is also a tightening of study permits for American universities: visas will be canceled for thousands of students and researchers. Speaking of the pandemic, Trump added: “Many people died and serious economic damage was caused by the way in which China interacted with the new coronavirus crisis”.

May 29, 2020 (change May 29, 2020 | 9:40 pm)


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