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First came the announcement of the € 500 holiday bonus, now the mirage of travel between regions. Inevitable that with the end of the lockdown, the drop in infections and the month of June at the gates, the Italians begin to dream of the holidays. But what an aspiring vacationer is facing is a babel of rules and prohibitions, all still being defined.

The displacements between regions
The key date to begin to understand how travel will take place is June 3. For that day, in fact, the government will have to decide which movements to authorize within the country. The executive says it will act on epidemiological data (expected tomorrow), but the governors are divided. Zaia in Veneto and Cirio in Piedmont clearly say they are waiting with confidence for the reopening of the borders for June 3, Toti in Liguria has gone further claiming that the region is ready to welcome Piedmontese and Lombard tourists. All agree? Useless. As a result of a regional ordinance, Sicily will remain armored at least until June 7, while the Sardinian president Christian Solinas announces that to arrive on the island you will need a health passport, a document certifying the negative nature of the virus.

The health passport
In Solinas’ intentions, the certificate of negativity to arrive in Sardinia must be presented “within three days of departure”, then the amount spent will be “returned through services at hotels or typical products”. The proposal sparked controversy and above all a clear rejection by the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia who called it “unconstitutional” because “a Region cannot adopt measures that hinder the free movement of people”.

Security protocols and swabs

The fear of an uncontrolled exodus from North to South also worries the Sicilian governor Nello Musumeci who proposes “a protocol to guarantee the health security and social tranquility of those who arrive in Sicily and those who live in Sicily through the request for guarantees on the state of the health of those who arrive ». Concerns also shared by the mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris according to which at the moment “there are no conditions to freely allow a move from Lombardy and Piedmont to other regions unless the prior acquisition of the negative buffer is guaranteed”.

Red areas and quarantine
The government will take a decision by Monday and there is a possibility that – in the case of new outbreaks – new red zones may be triggered. Another hypothesis that is being discussed with the governors is to allow travel to Italy, however, providing the mandatory quarantine for those who move from one region to another. A solution that would serve to avoid mass movements but which is difficult to apply if we consider that, always starting from 3 June, it should be possible to come to Italy (without quarantine) for all those residing in the Schengen area and in Great Britain .

Travel outside of Italy
The fact that Italy formally reopens borders and airports thus sanctioning the green light for foreigners to enter does not mean that the same applies to Italians who intend to leave the country. In this case it is necessary that the destination state has removed the blockades against Italy. And here the situation is more complex. Germany and France for example will do so from June 15th, Greece from early July. In Britain and Belgium you can go immediately, but you will have to remain in solitary confinement for 14 days, the usual quarantine. Each country has different rules and methods of entry. For this reason, before planning a trip, we recommend that you consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

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