From the Balkans to bureaucracy the last trench of the general


From the Balkans to bureaucracy the last trench of the general

From the ferocity of the conflict in the Balkans to the frantic race to manage the emergency coronavirus. The general Giuseppe Morabito61-year-old, despite his military career allowing him to retire, does not want to learn to lay down his arms. Landed in town to help the mayor Virginia Raggi, he was assigned to lead the newly formed training school. There he developed a relationship of trust and mutual esteem with the commissioner Antonio De Santis. Thus, with the lockdown Raggi decided to assign them to lead the Civil Protection of Roma Capitale. Accustomed to directing military traffic and fighting on the front lines to combat ethnic cleansing, in recent weeks he has transmitted, as he confides to his friends, “rigor and discipline to distribute food aid to the poor and to make the volunteers work on the territory”. For this reason, the curiosity that drives many to ask him which company has been more probable for him, a man of great experience with top roles even within NATO, is increasingly widespread and consistent. The Balkan conflict was dramatic, but even with the Capitoline bureaucracy there is no joking. A life in the trenches, it is appropriate to say it. And perhaps, for this time, the Capitol is not an exception.


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