from Taylor Swift to Madonna, the stars attack


2American stars against Donald Trump after protests in the United States

This is a bad time for the United States, which after the Coronavirus emergency now find themselves affected by civil protests. It all started with the killing of George Floydoccurred because of a policeman who suffocated the man with his knee. The video shook whole America and the whole world. Since that episode, which occurred a few days ago, in the United States a series of demonstrations exploded, aimed at fighting racism.

Popular fury has brought serious consequences for the White House, currently armored with Trump inside. The American president’s attitude towards the incident has been condemned by several on the web.

The topic has been the most talked about for days Twitter and many famous people wanted to make their voices heard. At the forefront there were pop stars of the caliber of Taylor Swift, Madonna, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and many others who attacked Trump and criticized his work.

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