from self-certification to masks, everything that changes since June 3rd


Reopening: from self-certification to masks, everything that changes since June 3rd

Goodbye self-certification. With the start of the new restart phase, one of the obligations that most of all characterized the now 100 days of the pandemic falls. From 3 June, in fact, it will no longer be mandatory – not even for travel between one region and another – to have with you the document that, in recent months, has repeatedly changed the terms by adding items to the specifications that had to be certified to derogate from the lockdown: from extreme urgency, to mandatory health reasons, through proven work needs, to visits to relatives. From Wednesday, therefore, it will be possible to move freely without any justification since the last prohibition still in force will fall and that made self-certification still necessary, or the movement between regions now allowed only for family needs, health or work reasons . Another important novelty concerns travel to and from abroad. On June 3, in fact, the 14-day quarantine obligation will fall for those coming from the countries of the Schengen area and from Great Britain.

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The indication is contained in the dpcm in force, the same which also provides for the end of the ban on interregional travel. However, the other obligations set out in the decree remain in force. Therefore, it will be necessary to continue to use the mask in indoor places accessible to the public, including means of transport, just as it will be necessary to maintain the so-called social distance of one meter. Nothing to do even for gatherings, which remain strictly prohibited throughout the national territory in particular in the places of nightlife subjects, according to precise ordinances of local authorities, to other requirements such as the obligation to consume at the tables and within a certain time .

There is also an obligation to remain at home for those in quarantine and for those with a respiratory infection with a fever greater than 37.5 degrees. Finally, the next step will be that of 15 June when summer camps for minors as well as cinemas and theaters will be able to leave while maintaining respect for the distance of at least one meter for both staff and spectators, with the maximum number of 1,000 spectators. for outdoor shows and 200 people for indoor shows, for each single room.

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