From Ferragamo to Merloni: here are the 25 new Knights of Labor


There is high fashion with Ferruccio Ferragamo and the appliance industry with Paolo Merloni. But also confectionery products with Nicola Fiasconaro. In summary, there is the best of Made in Italy in the list of 25 Knights of Labor nominated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella (on proposal by the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, in concert with the Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Bellanova ) which will increase the list of the Federation of Knights of Labor which since October 2019 chaired by Maurizio Sella.

Here is the complete list of the new Knights, with an indication, for each one, of the sector of activity and the region of origin: – Maria Allegrini, from Veneto, deals with agriculture and, in particular, with the wine sector; -Antonio Campanile, from Umbria, comes from the chemical industry; Giuseppe Castagna, from Lombardy, has always dealt with credit; the sector of origin of Lorenzo Coppini, from Tuscany, is more limited: the electro-acoustic transducer industry; Anna Maria Grazia Doglione, on the other hand, comes from Piedmont and the steel industry. Among the best known names among the 25 new Knights is certainly that of Ferruccio Ferragamo, who from Tuscany holds the flag of Italian high fashion high; then there is Nicola Fiasconaro, who from Sicily with his sweets makes known the made in Italy of food production; sector which also includes Piedmontese Mario Frandino; Maria Laura Garofalo Maria Laura arrives from the private healthcare of Lazio; Alessandro Gilardi from Piedmont, while perfumery is the core business of the Campania Giuseppe Maiello; Enrico Marchi comes from Veneto and from airport activities; Luciano Martini, from Emilia, active in the food industry.

Paolo Merloni, from the Marche, as per family tradition, deals with the production of household appliances; refrigeration, from Lombardy, is instead handled by Marco Nocivelli; of Port logistics, in Emilia-Romagna, Guido Ottolenghi; Gian Battista Parati comes from the highly specialized industry in Lombardy; Umberto Pesce of the metalworking industry in Basilicata; Federico Pittini of steel industry in Friuli Venezia Giulia; Giovanni Ravazzotti ceramic; Giorgia Serrati of trade of preserved fish in Liguria; Silvia Stein of high-end knitwear in Veneto; Maurizio Stirpe, owner of Frosinone Calcio, of the component industry in Lazio; Guido Valentini from the metalworking industry in Lombardy.

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