From 7 to Rai, Ghisolfi always protagonist of phase 2 –


From 7 to Rai, passing through federmanager and the web resumption of lessons in schools, Beppe Ghisolfi confirms himself to be one of the main protagonists and commentators most appreciated and listened to in this so-called phase 2 or restart.

The European banker and writer from Fossano, a guest at the beginning of the week of Myrta Merlino at Aria pulling on 7, returned on the screens of the second State Network on Wednesday to take part, in a welcome return from the presenter and newscaster Marzia Roncacci, at TG 2 Italy, an economic and political study program dedicated as always to the measures already approved or still under discussion, in Rome as well as in Brussels, to revive the fortunes of millions of families and businesses. However much remains to be done, starting from the full use of the anti-covid-19 financial plan of the European Central Bank and from an appeal to the Mes healthcare only that would save 7 billion of interest expense on public debt, some of the recipes anticipated by Ghisolfi from the beginning of the emergency they begin to find transposition in the strategies of the European Commission in Brussels, although global leading nations such as the United States of America and Japan have immediately moved in the direction of the lost fund and the lever of a public debt, however perpetual and guaranteed by the respective central banks.

So will it be the right time?

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