From 30 June farewell to Amazon Pantry


Amazon Italy has communicated the closing of
Amazon Pantry
the service for the purchase of food and drinks, starting from June 30th. “The
Amazon Pantry service will be discontinued on Tuesday 30 June at 23:59. You
however place an order on Amazon Pantry before this date e your
order will be delivered normally
“, reads the home page of the service.
The company did not explain the reasons behind the
decision, merely declaring to be at work to “guarantee the
best shopping experience possible. Most of the articles pi
sold on Amazon Pantry sar soon available on with a delivery
faster and no minimum order value
, along with thousands of other articles
for spending already available. ”

I mean, Pantry leaves the scene, but we probably won’t regret it. Amazon Pantry, available to members
Amazon Prime requires payment of a flat rate of 4.99 per
delivery of each order, and a minimum purchase of 15 is required. For now there are no changes regarding Prime Now,
which in the cities where it is active (currently Milan, Rome and Turin) allows to
receive orders in 1 hour (with a cost of 7.99) or within windows of 2 hours (at cost
of 3.49 for orders less than 50 and without additional costs for orders
above 50). The minimum order must be 15 per shop.

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