From 15 June Greece will reopen the hotels and allow flights from abroad


During a televised speech, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that from June 15 Greece will reopen its hotels and allow international flights to land at Athens airport following the restrictions imposed on the coronavirus.

Once in Greece, tourists will not have to go through a tampon or pass a quarantine period. Mitsotakis explicitly said that the measure was taken to encourage tourism from abroad, one of the country’s most important economic sectors: “Let’s make summer the end of the crisis,” added Mitsotakis. A Greek official pointed out to Bloomberg that only tourists from countries with low data on contagions will be admitted to Greece.

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Greece was one of the European countries that managed the health emergency best: the government imposed severe restrictions when there were relatively few confirmed cases, to avoid putting stress on its health system which is one of the worst in Europe; 166 coronavirus deaths have been attributed to Greece. Despite this, the European Commission has estimated that Greece will be the country that will suffer the most damage from an economic point of view: in 2020 the Greek GDP should drop by 9.7 percent , due to its still very fragile economy, its dependence on tourism and the probable lack of trade with other European countries.

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