From 15 June Greece opens to tourists from 29 countries, excluding Italy – La Stampa


Greece will welcome tourists from 29 countries, but not from Italy, starting next June 15th. This is what the newspaper Kathimerini reports, which publishes on Twitter the list of the 29 countries admitted after having loosened the lockdown measures imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Greek borders are therefore open for tourists from Albania, Australia, Austria, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan, Israel, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Finland.

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Luca Zaia intervenes on the theme of borders. “We cannot accept that Switzerland considers Italians to be plagued, and Croatia goes this way: We cannot be considered the leper colony of Europe only because in Italy the virus arrived earlier than in other European countries”, accuses the president of the Veneto, which once again forcefully reiterated its “no” to tourist corridors. The problem is that we are now in extra time, we have been talking about tourist corridors for a week, and nothing has been done: it is necessary that our diplomacy moves, the foreign ministry must be heard and there must be a director Europe which has so far been lacking: I refuse to think that one can think of leopard-like openings in Europe: it is scandalous », he concluded.

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