“Friuli without money, I close the hospitals”


Fedriga: Friuli without money, I close the hospitals

of Francesco Saita

“I must say that with the May Decree, in fact, they destroy the regions, hit them by killing them, at this point I close the region, I have no more money to do anything, not just for the emergency. “It is the alarm that launches Massimiliano Fedriga, Northern League governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia. “I will call someone to Rome – says interviewed by Adnkronos – to say that I close the hospitals, I have no more money for ordinary shopping” even “if we are a virtuous region, we pay more to Rome than we receive”.

“From Fvg – he explains – from Rome they continue to want the extraordinary contribution, which they have asked us since 2011, a contribution that we have asked to suspend, because they cannot ask for it with a deficit of huge revenues, since we only get supplies through own resources, we have no transfers from Rome “. “We estimate a drop in revenues of around 700 million euros, on a total budget of 5.5 billion“As we continue to ask for the contribution of 726 million of extraordinary contribution, this is unsustainable for us,” Fedriga complains.

Fvg infrastructures at risk of selling off to Chinese? “All the agreements made do not concern strategic infrastructures, our ports, I remember, are public, are given in concession and concessions can be removed, at present I do not see any particular problems, but we will monitor”, assures the governor.

On first week post-lockdown, “I am satisfied, in most cases – Fedriga says – I have seen even more rigorous behaviors than required by ordinances and dpcm, by restaurateurs, hairdressers, beauticians, but there are some problems, for example with the nightlife, with aperitifs, as in all of Italy there was an understandable ‘outburst’, as happened in Trieste, but very rigorous behaviors are still needed “. On the gatherings “we intervened with the prefectures, for example with quotas in some streets of the most exposed cities”. Fedriga does not pronounce on the economic recovery: “Many still have not reopened – he underlines – there is still fear, we surf on sight, to have an economic picture, after the reopening, we must have more precise data, which I think will be available shortly “, explains the governor of the Fvg.

On border issue, speaking of the so-called ‘asymmetric openings’ between European countries, Fedriga continues, “I spoke with the President of the Land of Carinthia, with the Slovenian President, they are both in favor of a reopening, but what the central government of Vienna is doing is very serious”. “The health situation – underlines the League – is very similar between these countries and our region, between us, Austria and Germany”, he says, not sharing different measures between borders, starting from the countries with which the FVG borders: Austria and Slovenia.

“IS’ It is unacceptable that with Covid’s excuse there is a dumping on tourism, because this is about, other than fear of contagion, given that there is a symmetric pandemic situation. “” I cannot reopen the borders “, he says:” But it is Italy that must move at the European community level , in a clear and serious way. “Ed” is also a drama for tourist bookings, in the uncertainty nobody is still calling our hotels and our facilities “, Fedriga launches the alarm, pointing the finger at the Foreign Minister, to whom he wrote in the past few hours: “Di Maio has not yet formally responded to me, there is an informal dialogue, but it seems to me that for now there is no solution”.

Sui relationships in the LeagueFedriga assures: “I often hear Zaia, Giorgetti and Salvini, I don’t think there are any critical issues between the Northern League players, Zaia has always told me that his goal is to go ahead, to be the governor of Veneto. I also read only on print those things, but I have no sense of tension. ” “Polls down? I’ve always called for caution, even when they gave us 37%. Even Count long ago gave it with a huge consensus, until a week ago, now it seems to me already different,” he underlines. “I remember, in any case, that Salvini took a 4% party, now let’s discuss if we are above 30 or below, I would use caution in talking about discontent among the Northern League players,” concludes the governor.

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