Friedkin-Roma, signals from his wife: Debra likes fans’ posts


ROME – Signals from Friedkin on Rome. Not from Dan, the Texan tycoon who two months ago was one step away from acquiring the Giallorossi club, and not even from Ryan the son who would like to move to Rome to manage the club. THE signals they come from wife Debra, woman full of interests ranging from archeology to philanthropic issues.

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THE signals of optimism on the negotiation between her husband ‘s group and Roma arrived via the own priflo Instagram: Debra has returned to put in the last hours ‘like’ to the Giallorossi fans who write them under its photo published on social. Even a few months ago they had arrived ‘hearts‘towards those comments, then stopped with the emergency Coronavirus which had stuck negotiation. Now maybe he’s back optimism on the operation, and i like ai romanisti.

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