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In the age of social media and smartphones, optimism is also evaluated with the sound of likes. This is why in the last few hours they have been making the rounds of the “like” network of Debra Friedkin, the wife Dan’s (together they also have four children), to some fans who tried to put pressure on her Instagram page. A “Go Rome” of the Davide fan, to which you replied with a heart. And it is not the first time: as the most attentive have pointed out, already in the past months there had been signs of appreciation to the fans Giallorossi who wrote to her on her account dedicated to art. But not in the last few weeks – those of the momentary stop to the negotiation – when those comments had been bypassed. But now optimism has returned, evidently also in the Friedkin house.

Who is Debra Friedkin and why is her love for Rome

Debra’s love Friedkin for Rome it’s old history. The wife of the Texan tycoon interested in taking over the company from James Pallotta is a woman rich in interests. The real estate sector, philanthropy but above all one that goes very well with the eternal city: art and archeology. He studied art at Lehman College in New York and then at the University of Long Island. Debra is a member of the prestigious Salmagundi Art Club of New York and of the NAWA (National Association of Women Artists). He has collaborated with numerous associations and has exhibited in galleries and museums in different states of America.

For art he has an Instagram page of his own, while for his passion as an archaeologist he even has a real site that bears his name: the “Debra L. Friedkin Sites “, an area in Texas where the oldest weapon ever seen in America was found, which researchers clarified dates back to 16,000 years ago. In the Clovis era, the prehistoric of Native Americans. TO Rome would find the perfect cradle to cultivate his interests and could even broaden his business. This too falls within the secondary interests of the Friedkin family together with the cinema, the hotel sector and tourism, which also marry wonderfully with the capital. And speaking of hotels, there is the hand of his wife Debra also in the furnishings of the “Mbiwa Lodge”, a 5 star resort in the Serengeti plain in Tanzania. The price to stay there? About $ 1250 a night. The possible first yellow and red First Lady designed it together with South African architect Lisa Rorich. Ten suites with stone walls and Norwegian-style wooden furniture and extra luxury comfort.

Friedkin-Pallotta, the negotiation restarts?

The negotiation between James Pallotta and Dan Friedkin it seemed one step away from its conclusion at the end of 2019. Only the definitive ok was missing and the delegation of the rich Texan had already been sighted several times in the Eur headquarters to put the black and white on change of ownership. Then the coronavirus emergency completely changed plans and cooled the moods. But the partners of Pallotta they push to sell the company and so the two American entrepreneurs have started to think about a transaction with falling figures. The number one for Boston it would now also accept 600 million, about a hundred less than a few months ago. But Friedkin it seems willing to offer even less, around 450-500. In this sense the factor could meet stage, which is expected to change in the coming weeks. With the ok to the project, the Rome operation would become attractive again. For the moment Pallotta has already given ample availability to business continuity: it will be up to him to pay the quotas foreseen for the capital increase already planned months ago. Possible news can come from the shareholders’ meeting on May 26th.

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