Friedkin-Roma, 550 million is not enough for Pallotta. But the turning point is expected in July


AS ROMA NEWS – It is far from over. Dan Freidkin he absolutely didn’t give up Rome, but indeed has already raised to get it offering Pallotta 550 million euros, a figure lower than the pre-Covid one, but still quite important. But the long-awaited yes has not arrived from the Bostonian for now.

Today’s edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport (M. Cecchini) in the article entitled: “Pact Champions. From the club to Friedkin, triple convenience: the Rome he believes it“. The negotiation between the Texan tycoon is Pallotta so it is not at all set, but it will take more time to bring it back to life.

And according to the sports newspaper, we will have to wait for the month of July to reach a turning point. Maybe also facilitated by the qualification to Champions, that the Rome chases with more motivations than ever and that would give a nice system accounts in trouble of the club.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport

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