Friedkin, new offer for Roma but Pallotta refuses. Here is the reason


ROME – Dan Friedkin is getting closer to Rome, but for now he collects Pallotta’s no. The Texan tycoon, after interrupting negotiations following the devastating consequences of the pandemic, returned to office for the purchase of the Giallorossi club. According to sources close to banking circles and society, his new offer, presented to the president of Rome, was 575 million, 135 less than that of 710 million for which the two American entrepreneurs shook hands on December 29 last. Pallotta to these figures is not oriented to accept.

With the previous offer, the Bostonian would have brought home a gain of almost one hundred million, in this way he would go more or less equal, compared to the investments he has made in recent years with his partners. Friedkin reached the figure of 575 million through the enterprise value, the overall assessment that takes into account the debts and also the possibility of investing 85 million immediately to retain the most important players of the club. At the moment Pallotta said no, but it seems that the negotiation is going on and it will be essential to wait for the assembly to approve the half-yearly report on June 29, to arrive at a possible new evaluation. This confirms that Friedkin has never stopped thinking about taking Roma. We cannot exclude that the parties will continue to speak, but for now the offer does not agree between the two entrepreneurs.

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Friedkin, new offer for Roma but Pallotta refuses. Here is the reason

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