Free PC games: new game as a gift on Steam


Week after week, the various digital stores on PC are making available to gamers an ever-growing list of free games to be redeemed on their gaming computers. In this specific case it is Steam again to offer its users a new game to be obtained at no cost, after the brace of titles that the Valve platform has already given last week.

This time it’s up to Helltaker, a very special title that mixes two genres practically distant from each other: the puzzle game it’s a dating simulator. The title developed by the Vanripper boys wants to immerse the player in a world that will entertain them thanks to a humor always over the top and very sharp, mixed with an ever-increasing level of challenge that will know how to test fans of this type of puzzle experiences.

The goal that will drive players to complete Helltaker’s puzzle levels will be conquest of the various female characters with half demonic features. To oppose this goal there will not only be the challenge that the various levels will propose, but also a whole host of enemies and dangers scattered throughout the infernal world that the Vanripper boys have created.

With Helltaker you can add yet another title at no cost to your Steam digital library which, if you have taken the opportunity to get all the other free games offered by the platform, will now certainly be more full-bodied and full of many different experiences to deal with. What do you think of this new gift proposed by Steam?

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