Fraud for the elderly for 3.6 million euros The “magician” Candido ends up under house arrest – La Stampa


The magician Candido, Renzo Martini, was arrested by the Finance Guard of Lodi on charges of having defrauded the elderly. 3.6 million euros were seized from man, stolen from about 450 people throughout Italy. The most striking case is that of a woman from the province of Rimini, widowed, who has come to pay a total of 350,000 euros.

Martini worked a lot on TV and via social media and gradually, over time, he had become, in Castelgerundo (Lodi), also a public figure giving the Municipality what was indicated as most useful for the local community: just a few months ago, also a Dacia Lodgy minivan. Martini was placed under house arrest together with two members of his family. An accountant and a local politician were investigated and found to have used the money from the scams to buy apartments, luxury cars and capitalize on a real estate company.

The “magician”, taking advantage of the fragility of elderly people, promised, in exchange for money, to remove the evil eye, communicate with the deceased and carry out exorcisms.

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