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MILAN. “THE data are positive and as far as the decision will be taken by the policy on May 29, if they remained so, from June 3 there are no technical reasons not to reopen all the regions ». Franco Locatelli, 60 years old, president of the Superior Health Council, smiles after months, he who has suffered a lot from Bergamo.

Professor, let’s get straight to the point: can we afford the aperitifs of these days?
“Crowds must be avoided because the virus continues to circulate. The country has made a huge effort that should not be wasted. “

Yet the data are positive. In your opinion, could they get worse?
«I hope not, although a small increase in cases is possible. The contagion index must not exceed 1 and the lower it remains the more margins we will have to return to a normal life. “

Arnaldo Caruso, president of the Italian Virology Society, says that if everything goes well in June, masks and distances may no longer be necessary. Do you exaggerate or are you right?

“These are premature assessments that can only be made when cases are close to zero throughout Italy.”

In your opinion, will it be possible to move from one region to another on 3 June?
“The decision will be taken by the government and regions on May 29. We on the technical committee will support with the data. If the contagion curve remains so, it can be considered to reopen completely. All regions have improved, even Lombardy, and the Val d’Aosta does not worry: it has made a lot of buffers and has a limited population “.

Does Lombardy still have too few swabs to pass the exam?
“No, his situation has progressed a lot, also for other parameters such as intensive care”.

When will the opportunity to return to travel abroad?
“We are moving towards a progressive reopening, but it will be important to track arrivals to prevent return infections”.

Sometimes we hear that the infection is fading. Could the vaccine really not be needed?
“It is a hope, but also a dangerous bet. The vaccine is good to find even if, despite encouraging news, it will not arrive before 2021 ».

Meanwhile, yesterday there were still 130 deaths.
«I hope they decrease more and more, but it must be remembered that on our darkest day, March 27, there were almost a thousand. Unfortunately in epidemics the rise is rapid, the descent slow “.

Can data on swabs be made more homogeneous?
“Italy is the western nation that has made more of it than the population. In the last week 60 thousand a day. In order not to “scotomize” the question, as Crozza says when imitating me, the delay has been reduced thanks to the multiplication of the laboratories and the availability of reagents ».

The danger of contagion decreases, but controls on the territory, isolation and apps still do not work.
«The closure has been fundamental in reducing contagion, fatal cases and in saving central, southern and insular Italy. Intensive care places doubled. The health system has given a great test and comparison with other countries. Maybe we could have done better on local medicine, but let’s not forget the uniqueness of the pandemic. “

What idea did the Lombardy case make?
“Uncontrolled contagion has led to an epidemic that is difficult to manage despite the efforts of hospitals. Heartbreaking scenes that claw conscience remain, like army trucks carrying coffins away. From the technical committee, we tried to offer tools to contain the epidemic. “

How come the red zone was not made in Bergamo?
“Considering the data, the Higher Institute of Health considered it appropriate for Alzano and Nembro, but the national lockdown immediately materialized. A choice that at that moment seemed the best ».

In Lombardy have the cuts to beds and local medicine weighed or would it have gone anyway?
“The other countries show that coronavirus is sending any health system into crisis. Italy also faced him first in the West. There will be analyzes to be done and it will be necessary to take advantage of the opportunity to improve our health system, but after the pandemic “.

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