Franco Bechis, for the director of Time the future of the country hanging on a big “boh” – Libero Quotidiano


Yesterday in Rome the annual assembly of the Bank of Italy, and the governor Ignazio Visco told what is happening atItalian economy: “If we intuit, in an imprecise way, and strongly oppose the seriousness of the social and economic consequences in the short term, for the longer term we can only recognize thatknow not to know‘”. The words of Visco that also disturbed Franco Bechis. The director of the Tempor, in his piece, certifies precisely this state of uncertainty about the economic future and not only of theItaly of the post-coronavirus. “If even in Bankitalia I am unable to formulate a reliable prediction on what life we ​​will live in the coming months, it means that we are all really hanging on a disturbing ‘boh’, and it becomes very difficult to cling to hope as Visco himself invites us to do by concluding his final thoughts. It is therefore difficult to have certainties from the government that neither doctors nor economists feel like giving “,

But Bechis spares no criticism of the current one majority: “It is precisely this darkness about the future that makes what we can do today even more urgent and decisive. How Bank of Italy yesterday analyzed, some government measures have been helpful in stopping the bleeding at least for a while, others would were not just announced or written, but become real. One of the most necessary but ineffective was the liquidity that was thought to provide to companies with the system of variable guarantees of the state. It was supposed to release 400 billion euros of new loans, but in 50 days we only got to 20 billion started practices, just 5% of what we thought. You thought you could receive funds fromEurope with the Recovery Fund. But it is clear that this will not happen in 2020, while money is needed before now and not in a year. “

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