France prohibits treatment with hydrochloroquine. South Korea, a new wave of infections


There are 350,458 coronavirus deaths worldwide, with 5,591,067 total cases of infection. These are the data collected by Johns Hopkins University, which since the beginning of the pandemic has traced the map of contagions in the world. The country most affected, both in terms of number of deaths and infections, is the United States, with 98,916 deaths and 1,681,212 infections. The second country by number of registered infections is Brazil, with 391,222 cases and 24,512 deaths.

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Latin America, 1,600 deaths in 24 hours. Germany, ok travel in Europe from 15/6. Downward trend in GB
Movida, the effect only in 15 days: yes to mobility with partial data

South Korea, a new wave of infections. New wave of contagions in South Korea, with 49 new cases emerging in the last 24 hours and the birth of a new outbreak in a huge Bucheon wholesale goods storage warehouse, not far from Seoul, to which at least 36 of they, according to the South Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), cited by the Yonhap agency. The media reports that 3,600 swabs were made of the warehouse staff. “We are afraid of infections in communities and keep an eye on the situation,” said the health minister.

Hydrochloroquine banned in France. France bans hydrochloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus. Following the negative opinions delivered yesterday by the Public Health Committee and the Paris Medicines Agency – followed in turn by the findings of the WHO and the Lancet magazine which pointed the finger at the ineffectiveness and risks of the contested drug strongly defended by Professor Didier Raoult – Paris has repealed the decree authorizing hydrocholoroquine in the treatment of coronavirus.

Free serological tests in Moscow. All Moscow residents can now carry out the test for the detection of coronavirus antibodies free of charge in 30 polyclinics in the capital. Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova said so. “All Muscovites can take the free test for antibodies, immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin G, against coronavirus infection,” he said. The test allows you to find out both the ongoing asymptomatic infection and whether it has been addressed in the past. Tass reports it.

Spain, 10 days of national mourning. In Spain, the first of ten days of national mourning begins today to commemorate the nearly 27,000 coronavirus victims. Until June 5, the flags will be hoisted at half mast on over 14 thousand public buildings in the country and on the naval units of the Navy. This is the longest period of national mourning decided in Spain after the end of the Franco franchise.

Brazil, 400 thousand infections. There are now nearly 400,000 coronavirus cases in Brazil. The data confirmed in the last hours by the Ministry of Health speak of 16,324 new cases ascertained and 1,039 deaths in 24 hours. The toll, from the beginning of the health emergency, thus rises to 391,222 infections and 24,512 deaths due to the pandemic in the country with almost 210 million inhabitants. Brazil is the second country in the world by number of infections after the United States.

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