Fortnite, ZexRow wins the Ninja tournament and insults everyone heavily –


Recently the well-known Ninja, streamer and worldly face of Fortnite Chapter 2, has organized a series of tournaments on Mixer, proposing itself as a sponsor. The first was held in the past few hours, with a total prize pool of $ 80,000. The winner, however, was talked about not so much for the sum brought home, but rather for some very heavy statements aimed at his opponents.

Let’s talk about Anthony “ZexRow“Colandro, who finished in first place together with teammates Mack” MackWood “Aesoph and Jonathan” Calc “Weber. The fact is that ZexRow, perhaps also because he was fervent and overexcited by the recent victory (it is clear that this is not a justification), he went much further with his statements, insulting everyone heavily. He is particularly angry with his opponents, targets of accusations that are difficult to forget; episodes of this type will certainly not favor Mixer over Twitch.

Here the words of ZexRow: “The last FNCS did not go too well, but this time I placed myself much higher than in the top 9. So all those who have not even managed to return to the top ten can suck my c **** […] I’m of the dog m ****, brain-injured. This is what I have to say. ”

We also have a video clip showing the regrettable episode; it is hoped that such incidents will be avoided in the future, on any platform. But it is a wish that will hardly find a concrete realization.

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