Fortnite: a player reaches the highest level in the world without ever fighting


The battle royale of Epic Games now at the center of the most absurd news related to the world of video games. From a recent report we discover for example that, with Fortnite, the US study grossed well 3000 euros every 60 seconds. They are certainly impressive figures, but the ‘deeds’ of some players leave us even more stunned.
Let’s talk about the case of Talocan, a Fortnite veteran who was able to reach the highest level in the world, without ever attacking a single opponent.
Fortnite: how to get to level 520 in a ‘peaceful’ way
In the typical battle royale really hard to avoid confrontations with other players. After all, let’s talk about shooters set in vast open worlds, where 100 (PUBG) or even 150 participants (Warzone) battle each other with no holds barred. So how did a player of Fortnite to conquer the highest level ever achieved by giving up arms?
As he explains the same Talocan, the protagonist of this story, the rather simple method.

The user, far from interested in the so-called ‘Royal Victory’, had to do nothing but start each game in mode Team Brawl (Team Rumble) pointing to the usual landing area, that is Foschi Fumaioli. Once landed, Talocan is dedicated exclusively to the collection of the loot, opening all the crates in the area and collecting the ammunition boxes.
By repeating this essential process for about 16 hours a day, the player was able to reach Fortnite level 520, an absolute record for the global battle royale ranking. Talocan would also have obtained all the Season 2 Gold skins: think, the most sought after is unlocked when you reach level 340. Needless to say, for such an undertaking, it would take a lot of dedication and a lot of free time.
The latest announcement regarding Fortnite anticipates its future release on SS5 is Xbox Series X, where the Epic title will also support the company’s new graphics engine Unreal Engine 5.

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