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The rules for supporting sport and team finances have been ratified by the World Council. Different provisions for open and closed GPs depending on the presence of the public

The FIA ​​World Council has approved the changes to the technical, sporting and financial regulations of F1 for the next three years, including 2020. After the freezing of the current technical regulation until 2022, today other decisions have been ratified, always in the with a view to safeguarding the financial and sporting aspects in light of the serious crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Technical regulation

As for the technical regulation, in 2020 and 2021 there will be a freezing of a large number of components of the single-seaters: the list includes chassis, gearbox, a series of mechanical components and impact structures. A token system (development tokens) has been devised to allow a very limited number of changes based on the specific needs of the teams. In 2020, the power units will have limited power updates and in 2021 changes are expected to the bottom in front of the rear wheels to reduce the increase in downforce. Also in 2021, the minimum mass of single seaters increased to 749 kg.

Sporting regulations

As for the sports regulation, the distinction between “open” and “closed” events is introduced in this 2020 with relative regulations for each one (for example with regard to the number of people admitted to the paddock) according to whether or not the presence is expected of spectators. Should it be necessary to introduce a new tire specification, Pirelli will be able to have the tires tested during free practice 2 of the GPs. This year, aerodynamic tests and engine hours are reduced to reduce costs, with further reduction in 2021, with the introduction of a limitation per team depending on the position in the standings.

Budget cap confirmed

The budget cap has been confirmed to financially safeguard the teams without reducing technological development: the ceiling is $ 145 million for 2021, 140 million for 2022 and 135 million for the 2023-2025 three-year period, all calculated based on a season of 21 GP. The increase in employee bonuses, as well as expenses incurred for the welfare of staff, from result bonuses to medical examinations incurred are also excluded from the budget cap calculation.

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