Formula 1, Ferrari gives Raikkonen the single-seater with which he won the 2018 US GP


The happiness of a child, even if your name is you Kimi Raikkonen and you are a master at filtering every emotion. But when the Finn opened the container with the car in which he won his last Grand Prix in Formula 1, he broke up. In his own way, of course, without unnecessary words: Thanks Ferrari. And he fixed it together with the beloved motocross bikes with which he also rides on the track on his estate in Finland. Generally this type of gift is the result of agreements related to contracts, some drivers have the car inserted as a supplement.

We hope you are having fun, said the old friends of the Cavallino to whom he remained very close. To the point of receiving the SF71H on which he triumphed in the 2018 US GP. One of his last appearances with Ferrari, when the divorce for the following season had already been made official: he divinely drove that weekend to Austin, resisting the attacks of Hamilton and Verstappen.

He wanted that victory, the first since the return in red: 15 years and 294 races after his first career and 114 GP since the last with the Lotus. World champion with the Scuderia to debut in 2007, Kimi returned in 2014 alongside Fernando Alonso to stay other seasons with Sebastian Vettel. Now drive for Alfa-Sauber.

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