former Xbox Mike Ybarra agrees with Sony


From the pages of his official Twitter profile, the former Microsoft executive Mike Ybarra resumes the announcement of the new PS5 game presentation event to be in favor of Sony’s strategy outlined by SIE SIE boss Jim Ryan in future support for PS4.

The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment has in fact specified that on PS5 there will be exclusives compatible only with the new hardware by virtue of the desire, made explicit several times by the Japanese technological giant, to “look beyond” to try to take full advantage of the hardware and potential of the next PlayStation console.

In linking up with these statements, the ex Xbox Corporate Vice President (currently engaged in the ranks of Blizzard Entertainment) has indeed explained that “I like the idea of ​​having the most up-to-date gaming technology available and having to dedicate myself only to it in the best possible way. All of this reduces development time as it pushes designers to focus on optimizing a single hardware ecosystem. But at the same time, all this is done taking into account the fact that you have a smaller installed base available “.

While praising the strategy outlined by Sony in turning his gaze to the future, Ybarra stresses that this approach carries risks represented by lower sales, and this without mentioning the probable reduction of the budget available to the individual software houses (precisely because of the decrease in revenues due to the reduced installed base).

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