Former Africa Milele volunteer: “No training or security, I was left to myself”. The non-profit organization: “Impossible”


“I left after four days. There was no organization. There was no plan. I felt useless.” These are the memories of a young girl who volunteered in Chakama four years ago. He chooses not to reveal his identity and tells a Republic her four days as a volunteer in that same village where two years later eight armed criminals would have kidnapped Silvia Romano. Both were in the small rural village, a few kilometers from Malindi in Kenya, to volunteer with the small non-profit organization of Fano, Africa Milele.Those who embark on a voluntary experience with the Marche non-profit organization, he says, do not need to sign or sign anything. He does not have to take training courses or demonstrate his skills.



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“I was with them for a few days and I left. Africa Milele’s house in Chakama, the one that houses the volunteers, was dirty at the time: broken beds, broken mosquito nets and holes in the mattresses. You never get big expectations on Africa in terms of hygiene, but the bare minimum for safe work, yes, “recalls the young woman, who was already in Kenya at the time.

Facebook and word of mouth were the channels through which he had heard of Milele. They had told him well. “I wanted to learn more about the reality of NGOs on the spot and have more experiences.” To start the collaboration, an exchange of messages on Whatsapp was enough, recalls the volunteer. “I heard Lilian (the founder of the non-profit organization, ed) at the phone. He told me that anyone could join Milele as a volunteer. And that if I had any kind of plans, I just had to tell them. “”It is not possible that it was not selected and evaluated before being involved in our project,” he replies to La Repubblica ilian Sora, founder of the non-profit organization.

Arriving in Chakama, to welcome the “volunteer” there would be “only” a Masai manager and a local boy who occasionally lent a hand, according to what the young woman said: “I expected someone to explain the project of the non-profit organization to me. Nothing. I was left to myself. They organized fundraisers. But what I saw was just a warehouse where they kept beads, medicines, t-shirts and gadgets. “



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He looked after the children, played with them in the river and accompanied them home. Remember that he was never afraid: “People were peaceful and friendly”. However, the young woman points out that “there was no security whatsoever, except for the Masai who occasionally lent us a hand.” Although there were two other Africa Milele volunteers with her, there was no sharing, because, she insists, “there was no plan. No organization. Everyone was left to themselves.” And it is for this reason that after only four days he decided to leave.

Contacted by The Republic, Lilian Sora categorically rejects this reconstruction of the facts: “No one in the history of Africa Milele has gone before ending the voluntary period. It is impossible. It is impossible that things went this way”.

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